Looks bare: OpenSea turns into NFT ghost-town after volume plunges 99% in 90 days
by YASHU GOLA | CoinTelegraph

OpenSea users, volume, and transactions statistics. Source: DappRadar

OpenSea, the world's largest nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, has witnessed a substantial drop in daily volumes as fears about a potential market bubble grow.

OpenSea volume plummets to yearly lows

Notably, the marketplace processed nearly $5 million worth of NFT transactions on Aug. 28 — approximately 99% lower than its record high of $405.75 million on May 1, according to DappRadar.

The massive declines in daily volumes coincided with equally drastic drops in OpenSea users and their transactions, suggesting that the value and interest in the blockchain-based collectibles have diminished in the recent months.

That is further visible in the falling floor prices — the minimum amount one is ready to pay for an NFT — of leading digital collectible projects.

For instance, the floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club has dropped by 53% to 72.5 ETH on Aug. 28 versus a high of 153.7 ETH on May 1.

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NetDragon Appoints its First Virtual CEO, Skynet Vibes are Real
by Nicole Buckler | BeInCrypto.com

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

NetDragon: There’s weird news out of Hong Kong this week. A robot has been appointed CEO of a Chinese gaming company. Said gaming company are planning to dominate the Metaverse. And we all know this whole thing totally has Skynet Vibes.

NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) calls itself a global leader in building internet communities. They have their finger in a lot of pies. Flavors include gaming, phones, education and VR/AR tech, among others.

They have just announced that they have hired a new CEO. And, it is a robot. Named Ms Tang Yu, the bot is an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot. Tang Yu has taken her position (its position?) as the Rotating CEO.

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How to Keep the Metaverse Sustainable

by Devin Partida | AR Insider

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

The metaverse opens the door to a whole new world – literally – of innovation. The possibilities are endless and there’s no telling what could happen when the next evolution of the internet hits the world.

But before the metaverse materializes, it’s important to consider its potential environmental impact and how we can make that impact more positive.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the next evolution of the internet, which merges the physical and digital worlds. It combines virtual worlds like social media, gaming, augmented reality (AR), and cryptocurrency to create a new virtual reality (VR).

For now, the Metaverse remains mostly an idea. When it comes into being, it will impact how we interact with one another, seek entertainment, and go shopping.

The Metaverse has the potential to become an industry worth more than $10 trillion and there is a lot that’s exciting about the virtual world. However, there are also potential dangers surrounding the Metaverse – racism and sexism already permeate the space, and it isn’t even fully functional yet.

Another issue at hand is the environmental sustainability – or lack thereof – of the Metaverse.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Milky Way Time Lapse

This time lapse of the Milky Way Galaxy taken from the International Space Station (ISS) also captured a lightning strike on Earth so bright that it lit up the space station’s solar panels.

Astronaut Kjell Lindgren posted this on Twitter and Instagram on Sept. 2, 2015, saying, "Large lightning strike on Earth lights up or solar panels."

See more photos from the ISS.

Image credit: NASA/Kjell Lindgren

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2022
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