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Barbara Bickham
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Barbara Bickham

Exploring the Role of Coherence in Quantum Computing

Introduction Quantum computing is a rapidly advancing field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize computing. A key factor in determining the success of a quantum computer is its ability to maintain coherence, or the ability to remain in a quantum state. This post will explore the role of...

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 131

Data Shows 50% Of Bitcoin Hashrate Controlled By Two Mining Pools by olowoinc | Bitcoinist Bitcoin hashrate is becoming highly centralized, with a few mining pools controlling most of the blockchain mining power. The latest data from Mempool indicates that 50% of the total hashrate is held by Foundry USA and...

Barbara Bickham

Top 3 book summaries this week 📚

This week we've got 3 new book summaries for you that you can watch or listen to for the week of  January 29, 2023. Deep Dive by Rich Horwath Who does the strategic thinking in your organization? The norm is to assume that senior executives are strategic and lower-level employees...

Barbara Bickham

Say Goodbye to Distractions with the Pomodoro Technique Cheat Sheet

Are you looking to get more from your day? Want to avoid spending your precious time reading even more books on productivity? You may benefit from the Pomodoro Technique. This method simplifies time and task management with a single, simple tool: a timer. Try this effective step-by-step method for using...

Barbara Bickham

Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update for 25Jan2023💰

🗒️ AltspaceVR is shutting down as Microsoft’s mixed reality division shrinks The Verge: Microsoft will shut down AltspaceVR, the social virtual reality (VR) platform it acquired in 2017 (via VentureBeat), on March 10th, 2023. The company shared the news in a blog post just days after it announced job cuts...

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