Unbound: No 179

Unbound: No 179 - A collection of articles discussing the Apple Vision Pro, new Gmail rejections, and how banks can innovate while maintaining trust. Stay informed with Trailyn.

Unbound: No 178

Unbound: No 178 - Companies hope Super Bowl AI commercials and NFL's use of AI to prevent injuries revolutionize sports, while Louis Vuitton embraces blockchain for fine jewelry.

Goals empower me

Discover the power of setting and achieving goals to unlock your true potential. Learn how to stay focused, overcome challenges, and celebrate milestones on your path to success. Find inspiration and strategies to make your dreams a reality.

Unbound: No 177

Unbound: No 177 - A discussion on the vulnerability of LLMs to the 'butterfly effect', the slowdown of subscriptions and live service games in 2024, and DigitalPath's AI revolutionizing wildfire detection.

Unbound: No 176

Unbound: No 177 is an article discussing the high mortality rate of blockchain games launched in 2023, the applications of Google's Geospatial API, debunking the Cheshire Cat Effect in quantum physics, and an awe-inspiring image of an Aurora from NASA.