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Barbara Bickham

Each new day is a chance to improve my life

As I open my eyes to greet the sun, I feel content, calm and excited. I know that this new day is an incredible chance to improve every aspect of my life. I see the sun breaking through the clouds in the early dawn, and I feel a sense of...

Barbara Bickham

Passion gives me energy

I am filled with enthusiasm. I think positive. I am cheerful and upbeat. I look on the bright side. I laugh and smile. I cultivate gratitude and pay attention to the happy events that happen each day. I focus on the present moment. I do one thing at a time....

Barbara Bickham

My goals excite me

Each day brings me closer to achieving my potential. I pick targets that are challenging and realistic for me. My goals are high enough to keep me working hard. They are also reasonable enough to enable victories that fuel my motivation. I evaluate my progress. I build on my strengths...

Barbara Bickham

The Generous Giraffe Fable

A story about being kind to others and receiving kindness in return. Gerald the Giraffe loved being taller than the other animals! Food was never out of his reach, and he was happy to share. But one day, the fruit was gone. Would he have to go hungry, after being...

Barbara Bickham

Merry Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas little fella, Today is the day we cherish, For it is a wonderful time Filled with laughter and cheer. Spend time with friends and family, Dance to festive tunes and sing, And don’t forget that the holidays bring lots of love! From our house to yours -...

Barbara Bickham

Five Ways to Increase Your Motivation

Motivation and drive propel us forward toward the realization of our goals, but some of us seem to have more of this driving force than others. If you feel like you have less of these traits than you'd like, the good news is there are ways to increase your motivation...

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