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Barbara Bickham

I am always learning

I take a chance to learn at every opportunity. I see that there are always chances to stretch and extend myself, and I relish these. The chance to learn is always in front of me, and I am excited to get new opportunities to learn. I understand that learning is...

Barbara Bickham

I have space to learn

I have the incredible freedom to live life exactly how I choose to. I know that the world is full of options and possibilities. I am excited by everything around me. I recognize that I create my destiny. I hold the keys that unlock the doors which allow me to...

Barbara Bickham

I enjoy my own company

I am comfortable being by myself. Alone time offers me the chance to reflect on my life, read, or pursue other hobbies that interest me. I enjoy the time I spend by myself. I am rarely lonely. Solitude can be a glorious thing. It is the easiest time to truly...

Barbara Bickham

Meaningful conversations are refreshing

The voices of friends and strangers are like music to my ears. When I make time for meaningful conversation with others, I feel enlightened and refreshed. There is so much to learn just by listening to others around me. I spend time each day soaking up the wisdom of experienced...

Barbara Bickham

I choose to invest in myself

I firmly believe that investing in myself is the most valuable and rewarding decision I can ever make. By dedicating time, effort, and resources to personal growth and development, I am continuously expanding my skills, knowledge, and abilities. This investment not only empowers me to overcome challenges and seize opportunities...

Barbara Bickham

I share my wisdom

I know that I matter. I recognize that my words have weight and power, so I ensure that I choose them carefully and am positive, encouraging, and uplifting. By doing so, I aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment for myself and those around me. I believe that our...

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