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Quick Tips on How to End a Meeting

Meetings take up a lot of your workday so you want to protect the time you're investing. Those final minutes often determine how productive your session will be. Learn how to end a meeting in a way that delivers the results you're looking for. Ending Meetings

Becoming a Better Leader Through Mental Fitness

Someone had this to say about physical exercise. “If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak.” This powerful statement highlights the importance of being in a fit physical state. It is for this reason that many people today can’t stop exercising. The value of this activity is

Top 6 Traits of Visionary Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Moreover, what does it take to be the truly visionary kind of entrepreneur who has an idea that really shifts paradigms and changes the world for the better? The answer will depend on who you ask. But here are a few things

10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Business Innovation

There are many ways to encourage creativity in businesses and spur innovation. Some companies choose to set up dedicated innovation teams, while others adopt a more open-ended approach where all employees are encouraged to be creative. Here are some ways to encourage creativity in business: 1) Encourage collaboration: Collaboration is

6 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Business

Introduction: What is creativity and how can it be encouraged in business? Creativity is often seen as a key ingredient for success in business. After all, businesses need to constantly come up with new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition. But what exactly is creativity? And how