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Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 145

Best AI image generators: DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and more apps by ADRIAN WILLINGS  | Pocket Lint Machine learning with its advancement has a big issue called Carbon release There are tremendous computational costs of Machine Learning and AI. Artificial intelligence algorithms, which power some of technology’s most cutting-edge applications,...

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 144

A moment’s silence, please, for the death of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse by John Naughton | The Guardian Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to remember the metaverse, which was quietly laid to rest a few weeks ago by its grieving adoptive parent, one Mark Zuckerberg. Those of you...

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 143

AI-Generated Movies & TV Will Never Replace the Real Thing BY DOUGLAS LAMAN | Collider Artificial Intelligence has been talked about a lot in recent months. And, unfortunately, such discourse hasn't been over renewed appreciation for the 2001 feature A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Instead, there's been renewed talk over using A.I....

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 142

A.I. will cause ‘significant labor-market disruption’ over next 5 years, says World Economic Forum BY BRYCE BASCHUK AND BLOOMBERG Global labor markets are poised for a new era of turbulence as technologies like artificial intelligence accelerate the decline of clerical work, while simultaneously increasing demand for technology and cybersecurity...

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 141

How to Select Sustainable Textiles for the Built Environment by Gordon Boggis | Sustainable Brands Acknowledging that many textile manufacturers are vague about their products, with little to no proof of sustainability or misrepresenting their claims, can be disheartening. But there are a few key ways to identify a greenwashed product....

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 140

Random Numbers Can Now Be Generated at Record Speed, All Using Quantum Fluctuations by MIKE MCRAE | Science Alert Pick a card, any card. Like a devious magician, the Universe already knows your selection as the laws of physics guide everything from your neurological wiring to the contractions of your hand's...

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