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Unbound: No 179

Unbound: No 179 - A collection of articles discussing the Apple Vision Pro, new Gmail rejections, and how banks can innovate while maintaining trust. Stay informed with Trailyn.

Unbound: No 178

Unbound: No 178 - Companies hope Super Bowl AI commercials and NFL's use of AI to prevent injuries revolutionize sports, while Louis Vuitton embraces blockchain for fine jewelry.

Unbound: No 177

Unbound: No 177 - A discussion on the vulnerability of LLMs to the 'butterfly effect', the slowdown of subscriptions and live service games in 2024, and DigitalPath's AI revolutionizing wildfire detection.

Unbound: No 176

Unbound: No 177 is an article discussing the high mortality rate of blockchain games launched in 2023, the applications of Google's Geospatial API, debunking the Cheshire Cat Effect in quantum physics, and an awe-inspiring image of an Aurora from NASA.

Unbound: No 175

Discover how to fix the top 5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities, uncover the secret to making language models useful, and learn about GameStop shutting down its NFT marketplace due to regulatory uncertainty. Plus, explore Hubble's captivating image of a monster merger.

Unbound: No 174

Apple is relocating their AI team from San Diego to Austin, but most team members are unwilling to move. Will XR revenue reach $70 billion by 2027? Chinese scientists integrate quantum tech into e-commerce scenarios.

Unbound: No 173

Unbound: No 173 - An article discussing the need for states to enhance their EV charging infrastructure in 2024 and the growing calls for creativity as AI technology advances.

Unbound: No 172

Unbound: No 172 - Revolutionizing power distribution management with IoT, scientists create the first programmable, logical quantum processor, and 6 free courses to master Generative AI.

Unbound: No 169

Dive into the latest Unbound (No. 169) exploring three intriguing deep tech stories and a captivating narrative on space. Stay informed and inspired in the ever-evolving tech cosmos.

Unbound: No 168

AI And Crypto Can Help Each Other Improve by Sean Stein Smith | Forbes Digital Assets Technology moves in cycles, and while AI might have superseded blockchain and cryptoassets in some circles and market discussions, the reality is that these field are increasingly inter-related. An example of this that has come