Unbound: No 188
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Unbound: No 188

Unbound: No 188 - Virtual reality steps up as metaverse struggles to deliver. How legacy brands can adapt to the creator economy. Quantinuum and Microsoft spearheading the quantum computing evolution. NASA's Gateway space station progress.

Virtual reality steps up as metaverse struggles to deliver
by VICTORIA KENNEDY | Cointelegraph

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

The metaverse has seen significant hype over the last few years, enthralling the minds of enthusiasts and investors alike.

From virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR), the metaverse offers it all. However, the hype has fallen short after only three years, with the metaverse failing to retain the attention of the business world.

Defined as a collectively shared virtual space where users can interact, socialize and engage in various activities, the metaverse captured the imagination of technology enthusiasts, investors and futurists alike.

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How Legacy Brands Can Adapt To The Creator Economy
by Kimberly A. Whitler | Forbes.com

Photo by Joao Tzanno on Unsplash

Goldman Sachs recently predicted that the creator economy could approach a half of a trillion dollars by 2027. The creator economy is booming. While newer, smaller, and more resource-challenged companies more naturally turn to influencers as a marketing tool, larger sophisticated brands often struggle to find a way to leverage creators to build brands and businesses, while minimizing the risk. To better understand how legacy companies can maximize the potential while limiting the downside, I turned to Frank Cooper III, the CMO of Visa.

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Quantinuum and Microsoft: Spearheading the Quantum Computing Evolution
by Leokadia Głogulska | Ytech.news

A significant leap in quantum computing has been made possible by the collaborative effort between Quantinuum and Microsoft, setting a new standard for error-free operations. This advancement comes with the promise of transforming industries, expanding the quantum market to potentially billions of dollars, and bringing ethical considerations to the forefront. The partnership’s success in maintaining stability over 14,000 cycles indicates that practical quantum computing applications are on the horizon.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran

This April 1, 2018, enhanced-color image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft. The image is a combination of three separate images taken as Juno performed its 12th close flyby of the planet.

The Great Red Spot, a swirling oval of clouds twice as wide as Earth, has been observed on the giant planet for more than 300 years. In 2021, findings from Juno showed that Jupiter’s storms are far taller than expected, with some extending 60 miles (100 kilometers) below the cloud tops and others, including the Great Red Spot, extending over 200 miles (350 kilometers).

Juno is a solar-powered spacecraft that spans the width of a basketball court and makes long, looping orbits around Jupiter. It seeks answers to questions about the origin and evolution of Jupiter, our solar system, and giant planets across the cosmos.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran

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