My life goes very smoothly most of the time. Occasionally, there are obstacles in my life to overcome, but this is of little concern to me. I am able to overcome any obstacle or challenge.

Each challenge makes me stronger and more capable. I face all of the challenges in my life with a smile.

I know how to be successful. I know how to deal with adversity. When faced with a challenge, I look for the best solution. Once I identify a solution, I take action to resolve the challenge. Challenges quickly fall away from my life, because I am committed to finding a solution.

Successfully dealing with obstacles makes me better prepared for the future. I avoid repeating my mistakes. I have more experience for the next time a similar obstacle appears.

My ability to overcome challenges grows and evolves. My ultimate potential is clearly limitless.

I am supremely confident, because I know that nothing can stand in my way. I have the power to overcome and conquer.

My attitude and mindset eliminate the impact of challenges on my life. I am successful because I expect to be successful.

Today, I am facing every challenge in my life with grit and a smile. I have high expectations for today. My ability to deal with all of the challenges in my life is limitless.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the greatest challenge I have ever overcome? What was the positive impact of overcoming that challenge?
  2. What do I need to do in order to become more resilient?
  3. What challenges am I currently facing? What would be the best course of action?
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