DAOs: Where humans may fail, AI could succeed
by MARCELLO MARI | CoinTelegraph

Without robots, DAOs may never be more than a pipe dream, as fully automated DAOs eliminate the barriers related to human bias.

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Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity: A Fusion that Cannot be Ignored

by Analytics Insight |  Analytics Insight

New technological innovations are transforming economies and enhancing our living standards through increased productivity and reduced cost of production. In lieu of this technological evolution, hackers and cyber scammers are innovating new and innovative methods to hack into the systems of individuals and companies and steal the large amounts of data that are being generated with the help of data analytics and AI tools. Hence, cybersecurity has become an integral part of all business strategies and is a means to protect data from intruders. Cybersecurity enables professionals to protect any information available on the devices to assess future risks. One of the key players in this cybersecurity is quantum computing. To replace classical computing and deliver long-standing results, researchers and scientists are exploring quantum computing as a robust tool to enhance the effectiveness of cybersecurity platforms.

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How to stop the spread of ransomware attacks

By Harman Singh | Venturebeat

This article was contributed by Harman Singh, director of Cyphere.

Ransomware is currently one of the most common types of cyberattacks. It’s essential to be aware of the different variations of ransomware and how they can affect businesses, particularly small and midsized enterprises. As such, let’s outline what ransomware is, why it’s so dangerous for business owners, and identify steps that you can take to protect your company against this threat.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
R Aquarii: An Expanse of Light

The universe emits light or energy in many different forms. This object is, in fact, a pair: a white dwarf star that steadily burns at a relatively cool temperature and a highly variable red giant. As they orbit each other, the white dwarf pulls material from the red giant onto its surface. Over time, enough of this material accumulates and triggers an explosion. Astronomers have seen such outbursts over recent decades. Evidence for much older outbursts is seen in the spectacular structures observed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (red and blue). X-ray data from Chandra (purple) shows how a jet from the white dwarf is striking material surrounding it and creating shock waves, similar to sonic booms from supersonic planes.

Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: NASA/STScI, Palomar Observatory, DSS; Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA; H-Alpha: LCO/IMACS/MMTFLast

Updated: Feb 3, 2022
Editor: Yvette Smith

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