Scaling AI: The 4 challenges you’ll face by Ganesh Padmanabhan, BeyondMinds | VentureBeat

Organizations of all sizes are embracing AI as a transformative technology to power their digital transformation journeys. Still the challenges around operationalizing AI at scale can still seem insurmountable, with a large number of projects failing.I’ve worked in big data and AI with several organizations and have seen some clear trends on why AI efforts are floundering after an enthusiastic start. These are large established organizations that have done an amazing job of garnering support from their board, C-suite, business stakeholders, and even customers to embark on AI-powered transformation journeys. They have most likely set up some form of a Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI, with key hires both in leadership and technical roles, and have demonstrated the promise of AI, using a few machine learning projects in a limited scale. Then they move to scale a project into production, and they get stuck.The reasons why scaling AI is so challenging seem to fall under four themes: customization, data, talent, and trust.

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Marble Distilling working in the spirit of sustainability by  | Aspen Times

Grains ferment in a fermentation tank to make whiskey at Marble Distilling Co. in Carbondale. A 500-gallon batch yields roughly 350 gallons of a waste called stillage that the distillery recycles as animal feed at the ranch where the grains are grown. Ian Roth Photo for Marble Distilling Co./Courtesy image

Marble Distilling Co. has long committed to sustainability practices at their zero-waste production facility and attached hotel — their motto is “Drink Sustainably,” after all.

Now, the Carbondale-based business has a new goal: late last year, they committed to operating their production facilities entirely on a “net zero” electricity system by 2022.

“We are investing in our current situation and our collective future,” said Carey Shanks, co-founder and utility infielder for the distillery.3 min read →

Welcome to Blockchain, NV by  ATOSSA ARAXIA ABRAHAMIAN |

The company town enters the Opportunity Zone

You’ve probably heard a friend, colleague or relative repeat the cliché that the world would be a much better and more efficient place if governments were run like companies. American businessmen love this line; so do American politicians. Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada apparently loves it so much that he’s proposed legislation letting companies become actual local governments–not the old-fashioned way, by sending lobbyists to wheedle their way to greater influence, but by giving select companies pieces of land over which they will have the right to exert the same power as any other Nevada county.4 min read →

⭐️ NASA – Best Photo from Last Week

The Coalsack NebulaLast Updated: Feb 10, 2021, Editor:  Yvette Smith

This stunning image captures a small region on the edge of the inky Coalsack Nebula, or Caldwell 99. Caldwell 99 is a dark nebula — a dense cloud of interstellar dust that completely blocks out visible wavelengths of light from objects behind it. The object at the center of the image is a (much smaller) protoplanetary nebula. The protoplanetary nebula phase is a late stage in the life of a star in which it has ejected a shell of hydrogen gas and is quickly heating up. This stage only lasts for a few thousand years before the protoplanetary nebula’s central star reaches roughly 30,000 Kelvin (approximately 17,000 degrees Fahrenheit). At this point, the central star is producing enough energy to make its surrounding shell of gas glow, becoming what’s known as a planetary nebula.

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