Unbound: No 174
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Unbound: No 174

Apple is relocating their AI team from San Diego to Austin, but most team members are unwilling to move. Will XR revenue reach $70 billion by 2027? Chinese scientists integrate quantum tech into e-commerce scenarios.

Apple is moving an AI team from San Diego to Austin. Most of them are unwilling to relocate

Photo by Dmitry Chernyshov on Unsplash

Apple Inc. is shutting a 121-person team related to artificial intelligence operations in San Diego, leaving many employees at risk of termination, according to people familiar with the matter.

The group, known as Data Operations Annotations, was told Wednesday that they would be relocating to Austin to merge with the Texas portion of the same team, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been announced.

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Will XR Revenue Reach $70 Billion by 2027?
by Mike Boland | AR Insider

ARtillery Intelligence publishes its five-year outlook for XR revenues.

LOS ANGELES, January 10, 2024: ARtillery Intelligence has released a new report that projects XR revenue to grow from $22.7 billion in 2022 to $70.1 billion in 2027, a 25.2 percent compound annual growth rate. Entitled XR Global Revenue Forecast, 2022-2027, the report examines XR revenue totals and subsegments – including mobile AR, headworn AR, and VR.

Enterprise spending holds a leading share of XR revenues with a projected $20.4 billion in 2023. This is driven by enterprise AR hardware and software that boosts productivity through line-of-sight guidance. Consumer XR follows behind at $7.1 billion projected for 2023, driven by gaming-dominant VR hardware and software spending.

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Chinese scientists bring quantum tech into e-commerce scenarios
by Technology | CGTN

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Chinese scientists have developed an e-commerce strategy that enabled the world's first five-user online trading utilizing quantum technology.

Currently, the e-commerce messages, which are guarded by classical encryption algorithms, are vulnerable to hacking by powerful quantum computing.

Therefore, some cryptologists have tried to use quantum entanglement to securely distribute unhackable quantum states among multiple parties to guard against identity theft and payment fraud.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
NASA’S OSIRIS-REx Curation Team Reveals Remaining Asteroid Sample

Image Credit: NASA/Erika Blumenfeld & Joseph Aebersold

The astromaterials curation team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has completed the disassembly of the OSIRIS-REx sampler head to reveal the remainder of the asteroid Bennu sample inside. On Jan. 10, they successfully removed two stubborn fasteners that had prevented the final steps of opening the Touch-and-Go-Sample-Acquisition-Mechanism (TAGSAM) head.

Erika Blumenfeld, creative lead for the Advanced Imaging and Visualization of Astromaterials (AIVA) and Joe Aebersold, AIVA project lead, captured this photograph of the open TAGSAM head including the asteroid material inside using manual high-resolution precision photography and a semi-automated focus stacking procedure. The result is an image that shows extreme detail of the sample.

Next, the curation team will remove the round metal collar and prepare the glovebox to transfer the remaining sample from the TAGSAM head into pie-wedge sample trays.

These trays will be photographed before the sample is weighed, packaged, and stored at Johnson, home to the most extensive collection of astromaterials in the world. The remaining sample material includes dust and rocks up to about 0.4 inch (one cm) in size. The final mass of the sample will be determined in the coming weeks. The curation team members had already collected 2.48 ounces (70.3 grams) of asteroid material from the sample hardware before the lid was removed, surpassing the agency’s goal of bringing at least 2.12 ounces (60 grams) to Earth.

The curation team will release a catalog of all the Bennu samples later this year, which will allow scientists and institutions around the world to submit requests for research or display.

Download high-resolution image here

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