Actors and writers aren’t the only ones worried about AI, new polling shows
BY BRIAN CONTRERAS | The Los Angeles Times

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With Hollywood’s actors and writers currently striking in part over concerns about AI, what was once a movie premise now has come to define the film industry.

But automation isn’t just a showbiz concern, new polling for the Los Angeles Times shows.

Nearly half of Americans — 45% of them — are concerned about the effect artificial intelligence will have on their own line of work, compared to 29% who are not concerned, according to a new poll for The Times conducted by Leger, a Canadian-based polling firm with experience in U.S. surveys.

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SEC Chair Prioritizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) Over Crypto Crackdown in the US – Is XRP, ETH and BTC Safer?
By | Crypto News

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After more than two years of going after the cryptocurrency industry, Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has turned his attention to a new technology that is currently causing a buzz globally. In a swift turn of events, Gensler has announced the agency’s plan to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Per a statement made by Wall Street’s top regulatory Chief at the National Press Club in Washington, unlike crypto and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), AI deserves all the hype as it is the “most transformative technology of this generation.” Gensler added:

There’s a ‘there’ there—we can get to crypto later. We’re taking so much of what we humans do on a daily basis and automating it.

The SEC has not downplayed the risks associated with the crypto industry but it looks like XRP, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) may be off the spotlight for a while.

Compared to the numerous scams, fraud, breaches, and money laundering activities consistently plaguing the crypto ecosystem, Gensler believes that AI holds more significant financial risks for U.S. residents. One of the perceived threats from AI is mass automation. Thi

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Improving Fleet Management with Blockchain Technology
by Ryan Kh | Smart Data Collective

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As the logistics sector continues to expand and evolve, blockchain technology is becoming an integral part of supply chain procedures. Its implementation offers numerous benefits and applications that streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Also, it enables the compilation of detailed information on container movement, providing real-time and transparent tracking throughout the supply chain.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Baghdad from the International Space Station

United Arab Emirates astronaut Sultan Alneyadi captured this image of the city lights of Baghdad, Iraq, and the Tigris River on July 18, 2023, as the International Space Station orbited 261 miles above the Middle Eastern nation. Since the station became operational in November 2000, crew members have produced hundreds of thousands of images of the land, oceans, and atmosphere of Earth, and even of the Moon through Crew Earth Observations. Their photographs of Earth record how the planet changes over time due to human activity and natural events.

Image Credit: NASA

Last Updated: Aug 3, 2023
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