Unbound: No 110
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Unbound: No 110

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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Rapper Signs To Major Label
By Rex Provost | HotNewHipHop

The virtual rapper FN Meka just landed a real deal.

For a while now, researchers and scientists have warned of the coming singularity, when technology outgrows human intelligence and has a mind of its own. While there's little evidence this event is coming any time soon, robots taking humans' jobs has certainly proven to be real, and even artists are in danger.

Now, the rap world has officially been infiltrated by AI. An artificial intelligence-powered rapper named FN Meka just made headlines after signing to a major label. The virtual rapper inked a deal with Capitol Records, NME reports.

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What Did US Lawmakers Ask Miners Core Scientific, Riot, Marathon & Stronghold?
by Eduardo Próspero | Bitconist.com

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

The four biggest US-based mining operations – Core Scientific, Marathon Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, and Stronghold Digital Mining – got a letter from the House Committee On Energy and Commerce. The Committee wants to know about their energy usage and “how each company is mitigating those impacts and what steps are being taken to ensure their operations do not strain the energy grid or undermine our nation’s climate goals.”

Is this a teachable moment or a sign of things to come? Are Core Scientific, Marathon, Riot, and Stronghold prepared for the task? Could interest from the US Government actually be a positive sign for the sector? Or are they tightening up measures to attack the bitcoin mining industry? Why Core Scientific, Marathon, Riot, and Stronghold? Why now? Does it have to do with BlackRock giving bitcoin mining the green light? Or does it have to do with the severe sanctions against Tornado Cash?

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Case Study: MAC Cosmetics Augments Makeup Try-Ons

by Mike Boland | AR Insider

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

AR continues to evolve and take shape. Like other tech sectors, it has spawned several sub-sectors that comprise an ecosystem. These include industrial AR, consumer VR, and AR shopping. Existing alongside all of them – and overlapping to some degree – is AR marketing.

Among other things, AR marketing includes sponsored AR lenses that let consumers visualize products in their space. This field – including AR creation tools and ad placement – could grow from $2.78 billion last year to $9.85 billion by 2026 according to ARtillery Intelligence.

Factors propelling this growth include brand advertisers’ escalating affinity for, and recognition of, AR’s potential. More practically speaking, there’s a real business case. AR marketing campaigns continue to show strong performance metrics when compared with 2D benchmarks.

But how is this coming together? And what are best practices? These questions were tackled in a recent report by ARtillery Intelligence, containing narrative analysis, revenue projections, and campaign case studies. It joins our report excerpt series, with the latest below.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Voyager 1 Sees the Great Red Spot

Launched in 1977, the twin Voyager probes are NASA’s longest-operating mission and the only spacecraft ever to explore interstellar space. 45 years on, Voyager 1 and 2 continue to provide us with observations of the farthest reaches of space.

Our Voyager 1 spacecraft zoomed toward Jupiter in January and February 1979, capturing hundreds of images of Jupiter during its approach, including this close-up of swirling clouds around Jupiter's Great Red Spot.

Learn more about Voyager: Voyager, NASA’s Longest-Lived Mission, Logs 45 Years in Space

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

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