🗒️ Top 10 VC firms have ownership in 38% of all unicorns

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Cryptoslate: In a bid to answer the question of where does big venture capital money go to, a new analysis looked at the most recent data on unicorns.

The overall number of companies that exceed $1 billion in valuation has doubled in the past year alone, with venture capital money responsible for most of that growth.

The fundamental changes in societal models, workflows, and industries the market has seen led many of the largest VC firms to invest in the same set of unicorns, most of which are either fintech or internet service companies.

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🗒️ PE-VC funding rose 11% to $26.5 bn in first half of 2022: Venture Intelligence data

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Money control: Amid fears of a funding winter, private equity and venture capital (PE-VC) deal value rose 11 percent to $26.5 billion in the first half of 2022, compared to $23.9 billion in the year-ago period, according to data from Venture Intelligence.

However, the average cheque size has decreased by 12.5 percent to $39.5 million even as the number of deals struck rose 27 percent to 667.

The biggest startup fundraises this year to date have been Dailyhunt’s $805-million round, a $665-million round by Byju’s, and a $255-million tranche raised by ShareChat as a part of a $520-million round that started in December last year.

The six months up to June (H1) have seen a few big bang private equity deals as well. Bodhi Tree, an alternative investments platform backed by Qatar Investment Authority, has led a $1.78-billion funding round for Viacom18 and a $600-million round for educational services company Allen.

A $700-million fundraise by telecom major Airtel from Google was another large PE deal struck in H1.

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🗒️ OP Crypto’s ‘$100M’ Fund of Funds To Back Early Stage VCs

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  • Despite current market woes, OP Crypto is launching a fund of funds designed to back budding fund managers of early-stage crypto startups
  • OP Crypto’s latest fund follows on the success of its venture capital fund which is backed by the likes of Galaxy Digital and Digital Currency Group

Venture capital firm OP Crypto, founded by former Huobi executive David Gan, said Thursday it has launched a new vehicle aimed at emerging fund managers focused on early-stage digital asset investments.

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🗒️ Decentralized Venture Capital Organization PPC DAO – Breaking Class Solidification, Dawn of Investors

Crypto-reporter.com: When the social structure tends to be stable, the boundaries between classes will also become clearer. The differentiation of classes will only rapidly widen the gap in assets, and the solidification of social classes will not only allow most people’s money to run into the pockets of a small number of people, but also make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The emergence of blockchain has once again given people opportunities to break down hierarchy and achieve financial freedom. Yet even under the fairest of rules, the world still shows a cruel side. In the sluggish market economy, traditional investment giants have poured into the crypto industry one after another, easily monopolizing crypto investment opportunities with a large amount of money, investments with relatively high rates of return suddenly disappear.

The reason for this is not only the intervention of capital, but also its own problems. Not being able to find a good project, the fact is that finding a good project but having no money to invest, and having a good project but not being eligible to invest are the main reasons 。why ordinary players miss out on investment opportunities? Although this is not necessarily a joint monopoly between VCs and project owners, ordinary people are deprived of it. The opportunity is an indisputable fact.

In this context, a decentralized venture capital organization that is not controlled by centralization—PPC DAO was born. As a decentralized venture capital organization formed by the world’s top blockchain encryption enthusiasts and focusing on investment in the blockchain industry, PPC DAO is dedicated to creating a community effect through the DAO model, providing node holders, asset holders, new blockchain project parties, etc. bring common sustainable development and jointly build a new future of value Internet.

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