🗒️ The Venture Capital Perspective on the Digital Economy

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Coindesk: I.D.E.A.S. 2022 welcomed Apollo Global Management’s Partner and Head of Digital Assets, Christine Moy, Pantera Capital's Partner Lauren Stephanian, Two Sigma Ventures' Principal Andy Kangpan and moderator, Laura Shin, Author and Host of the "Unchained" podcast to discuss the current state of digital economy from a venture capital perspective and an outlook into the future of digital assets investing.

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🗒️ A New Era of Technology in the Private Markets

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The National Law Review: The private markets are notorious for their outdated (or non-existent) technology stacks. However, a new era of innovation may finally unwind years of risk-avoidant behavior that has slowed technology adoption across the industry.

Today’s Analogue Standard
Those who have experienced the back office of a venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) firm would likely agree that, when it comes to technology, the private markets have been a standout laggard.

A recent report by Delio indicates that 74% of financial institutions feel technology "does not play a core role in delivering private market services," a figure difficult to fathom in nearly any other industry.

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🗒️ VC funding plummeted further in November

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Emerging Tech Brew: We may be midway through December, but there’s little evidence of holiday cheer in the latest update on venture-capital funding.

What’s new? In November, the contraction in startup funding accelerated further, with VCs investing $22 billion worldwide, per Crunchbase—less than one-third of the $70 billion invested in November 2021. That’s down 19% from the month prior, when VCs doled out $27 billion, and the lowest monthly total since February 2020.

The same trends appeared in November as in previous months: The pullback in funding was more pronounced for later-stage companies than it was for earlier-stage startups.

Deal count was also down significantly last month, with fewer than 2,000 startups raising a round, compared to 3,500 a year earlier.

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🗒️ Include Ventures is Raising $250 Million To Invest in Black Funders and Founders

Taj Eldridge, General Partner at Include Ventures

Shoppe Black: Include Ventures is a U.S. based venture capital firm that is raising a $125 million fund for Black and Brown-led fund managers and another $125 million for direct investments.

The firm’s leadership team includes Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson, Keith Spears, and Taj Eldridge.

Taj is a 25+ year investment professional whose career has included high-level executive roles in banking, asset management, alternative investments, and entrepreneurship.

We recently asked him to share some of his thoughts and insights as an investor.

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