🗒️ Is It Becoming Impossible To Fund Idea Stage Startups? - Forbes.com

The amount of money available to startups is growing, but it is also concentrated in fewer and fewer projects. - Getty

More startup capital is available now than ever before – the annual global venture capital volume has grown from less than $100B in 2012 to more than $600B in 2021. Surely, this means that in 2021 it was easier to fund business ideas than ever before in human history.

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🗒️ Here’s how venture capital needs to evolve in 2022 and beyond - Fast Company


Emerging investors are touching industries, meeting founders, and seeing the potential deals that will change our world—and they aren’t doing it from Sand Hill Road.

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🗒️ Web3 Opens Up Venture Capital - Nasdaq

In 1968, a relatively unknown private company debuted on the public markets with the help of the first generation of venture capitalists…

Both the company and investors made big-time money…

The company was called Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It was originally backed with a $70,000 investment by American Research and Development Corporation (ARDC).

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🗒️ Report: Space companies drew record-high venture funding in 2021 - Morning Brew

Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

The…space…attracted $17 billion last year, up from ~$9 billion in 2020.

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