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Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update

May 18, 2022 💰

🗒️ How to approach ESG monitoring and reporting


VentureBeat: ESG — environmental, social and governance — was a hot topic in 2021, and it’s only picking up steam in 2022. If you’re not paying attention yet, it’s time to start. Companies interested in making ESG a priority will have to do more than talk a good game. With ESG, the proof is in the reporting. By sharing their ESG goals and the tangible data-driven progress they’re making to reach them, organizations show their ability to manage those risks and remain profitable.

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🗒️ Founder & VC Shrina Kurani runs for Congress in top swing district

Shrina Kurani: Shrina Kurani is an engineer & cleantech entrepreneur. Following an acquisition, she began investing in early stage companies focused on sustainability and healthcare and most recently built an investment platform which has facilitated over $500M, democratizing access to capital and investing. Now, Shrina is running for Congress in her hometown Riverside County's CA-41 to make Washington work better. She is in a top swing district against a 30-year incumbent who is one of the most corrupt Congressmen on Capitol Hill. She's making headlines and most recently was covered in the Wall Street Journal, as she is the first federal candidate to drop NFTs for her campaign. Shrina's election is in 3 weeks and needs our support to win.

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🗒️ New Venture Capital Fund Focuses on Emerging Cybersecurity Tech

Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash

DarkReading: The founders behind more than 90 cybersecurity firms have set up a $300 million investment fund.

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🗒️ NFT Street Fair - May 28th, 2022 - Costa Mesa

Alternative Investment Forum:  I have been invited to participate at an exciting NFT, blockchain, metaverse, Web 3.0 event and would like to invite you to join me in person or online on May 28, 2022 at the NFT Street Fair & Investor Pitch Competition in Costa Mesa, California.

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By B Bickham profile image B Bickham
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