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Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update

April 27, 2022 💰

🗒️ API-first cross-collaboration: The secret of any API monetization strategy

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VentureBeat: On average, it costs $20,000 USD to build an application programming interface (API), and this doesn’t even include maintenance costs. But there’s hope — those that expose their APIs as products and develop a partnership ecosystem around that initial financial investment will be more likely to maximize returns.

By viewing APIs as assets, more IT decision-makers are seeing the value of API management as a pathway to API monetization. These resilient and secure digital architectures will be vital to powering API-led connectivity, which is one of the reasons why the API management market size is expected to grow to $5.1 billion by 2023.

As both internal and external APIs become a major factor in driving companies’ economic growth, how can CIOs and CTOs use collaborations to build an effective API monetization strategy?

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🗒️ The 2022 Headstream Accelerator application is recruiting entrepreneurs


Headstream: The Headstream Accelerator application has officially launched and is open to apply now until May 8th.  We are looking for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and Innovators who are building enriching, empowering, supportive, and meaningful digital technologies for young people. Applicable innovations include social tech, ed-tech, and digital health innovations.

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🗒️ The venture slowdown is impacting fundraising for startups of every size, sector

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Techcrunch: The comedown from venture capital’s torrid 2021 is sparing few startups. New data from Carta, a provider of shareholder management services to private companies, indicates that the slowdown in venture capital activity is not constrained to a single stage or sector. Instead, aggregated information detailing a host of Q1 2022 data points from Carta’s Head of Insights, Peter Walker, indicates that even less mature startups will not prove immune from a retreat in private market investment.

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🗒️ With Leonardo DiCaprio As An Advisor, $45 Million Circular/Regenerative Economy Fund Launches

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Forbes:  Backed by an all-star roster of strategic advisors and investors including actor Leonardo DiCaprio and circular economy pioneer William McDonough, a fledgling venture capital firm just announced the final close of its first $45 million fund. Called Regeneration.VC, the firm focuses on seed and series A investments in circular and regenerative approaches to consumer industries.

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