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Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update

April 20, 2022 💰

🗒️ Wall Street Vet Launching Token-only VC Firm, Aiming for $50M to $75M



  • The venture capital firm just started fundraising for its flagship vehicle
  • Employing a Web3 focus, the strategy plans to key in on five verticals: fashion, finance, gaming, music and sports

A longtime cryptocurrency proprietary trader is trying his hand in the venture capital space, according to sources familiar with the matter and marketing materials obtained by Blockworks.

Antonio Hallak is now in capital-raising mode for his Illumina Capital, a digital assets-focused venture firm with an incubator that keys in on token investments — not equity stakes.

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🗒️ The 2022 Headstream Accelerator application is recruiting entrepreneurs


Headstream: The Headstream Accelerator application has officially launched and is open to apply now until May 8th.  We are looking for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and Innovators who are building enriching, empowering, supportive, and meaningful digital technologies for young people. Applicable innovations include social tech, ed-tech, and digital health innovations.

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🗒️ 3 tech companies with great culture

VentureBeat: When you’re thinking about making a job move, there are a few things to consider: that the role is a match for your skills (and will offer you a comfortable degree of stretch), the compensation package meets expectations, and that it’s in a location you like. But something else often overlooked and which is super-important is this: will you enjoy working there — what is the culture of the company like?

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🗒️ KuCoin Ventures and KuCoin NFT Marketplace-Windvane Launch $100M Creators Fund  KuCoin, a Victoria, Seychelles-based global cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that its venture capital arm KuCoin Ventures and KuCoin NFT Marketplace-Windvane are launching a $100m Creators Fund.

The fund will support and incubate the early-stage NFT projects, covering fields including arts, sports, PFPs, Asian culture, celebrities, GameFi, etc. In addition, it will invite 99 outstanding NFT creators to join the Windvane NFT marketplace to accelerate the growth of Web 3.0.

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