🗒️ Chinese private equity and venture capitals increase bets on carbon neutrality to ride wave of China's green transition

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Pingwest: As China's five-year plan (2021-2025) prioritizes green development and calls for change across its energy, manufacturing, and automotive sectors, Chinese private equity and venue capital are increasing their bets on carbon neutrality.

Zhang Lei, the chairman and CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management, stated at the China Development Forum that "China moves toward a low-carbon economy is a sure thing, this inevitable trend is drawing a huge number of social capitals to invest in carbon neutrality related business opportunities."

Institutional investors are vying for positions in industries related to carbon neutrality.

Among the industries where Chinese private equity and venture capitals were active, the electric vehicle industry, which includes batteries, EV charging infrastructure, and battery swapping, took the lead.

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🗒️ Limited Partners Seek Assurances From Crypto Venture Funds

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Wall Street Journal: Pensions, endowments and other venture-capital investors are imposing tighter compliance and security standards for venture funds backing crypto startups to protect the growing amount of capital going to them.

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🗒️ Meet the 5 most active venture capital firms in crypto

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AltFi: Crypto winter? Never heard of it. Despite bitcoin trading, 70 per cent below its all-time high venture capital (VC) firms are still busy funding projects.

The average total value of deals undertaken in the first two quarters of 2022 has hit $14.6bn, double the $7.26bn amassed in 2021, according to research from CoinTelegraph.

Not only are the total values up, but so are the number of deals. So far 1,139 have been struck this year, just shy of the 1,348 recorded in 2021.

The only indication that crypto winter is a thing is the decline in average deal value between the first and second quarters of 2022. Between January and March average deal value was $32.1m, $4.3m more than the numbers recorded from April to June.

In this article, AltFi brings you the most active VC firms in crypto this year

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🗒️ Venture Capitalists are Pouring Money into Web3. Here's Why

Entrepreneur: Venture capital firms invested $33 billion in crypto and blockchain startups in 2021 and are on pace to nearly double that in 2022. Here's why VCs are so enamored by Web3.

Venture capital (VC) investment into the Web3 sector has been on fire this year, with several established VC firms launching a Web3 and crypto arm. Paradigm's $2.5 billion fund and Electric Capital's $1 billion fund are just a few examples.

So why are these firms so optimistic on Web3 investments?

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