Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Do you have a mindset that gives you the best chance for success?

Here are a few characteristics that many entrepreneurs share.

See where you fall.

Do you have a winning mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur?

☐ I will succeed if I work hard enough and smart enough. I know that perseverance is the key to success, but I can’t just work long and hard. I must work long and hard on the right things.

☐ The value I provide eventually comes back to me. I am focused on providing as much value as I can to the world. I understand that the more value I provide, the more income I receive. I do my best to increase the amount and the quality of value I create.

☐ I invest my time and money wisely. My time and financial resources have limits, so I allocate them intelligently. I know which things in my business most require my time and money.

☐ It’s important to know and understand the truth of the situation. I avoid making assumptions and I keep my ego out of my decisions. I am open and committed to understanding the reality of every situation I face. I make intelligent decisions based on the facts.

My choice of employees can make me or break me. One bad employee can create significant challenges. The right employees can free my time and take my business to the next level.

☐ I will be better tomorrow than I was today. I use what I learn each day to improve myself and my approach to my business. I am getting better and stronger each day.

☐ I can find a solution to any obstacle. It doesn’t matter what has gone wrong. I know that I can find a way to resolve the situation.

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