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There are many gaps in society. We at WIFAX attempt to close the funding gap. This is the disparity between who and what get’s funded. When people are not looked at based upon the merits of their company, then there is a missed opportunity to help someone improve their life and create wealth for their family. When it happens on a consistent basis, then that creates a gap.

Hate is the greatest gap of all. When people hate, a passionate dislike, it often shows up in bullying, believing you are better than another person, anger, disgust, and dismissiveness. Power helps facilitate hate. When a person is in power, they believe they can do anything and say anything. Hate really comes from fear. Fear comes from doubt and not knowing ourselves.

A few years ago I was bullied and scoffed by a racist. They clearly did not like people that were not of a certain skin color, political affiliation, etc. Why did they make that assumption? One minute we’re talking about careers at lunch during the conference, the next minute that person is yelling. Why was that? What were they really afraid of? Luckily, someone shut them down on my behalf. The real question is, why did they feel the need to do that in the first place? I let the person that brought them to the conference know and the conference organizer know. Nothing happened. My concerns were dismissed like it was no big deal, no problem, not going to get involved.

This is the systemic problem that exists. These things are swept under the rug so the hate filled person can continue on with little to no consequence. Now they feel empowered and emboldened. Thus it continues, over and over again.

People need to look at our attitudes and thinking around other people. We have probably had more shared experiences than we know. We are all a part of humanity. When inhumane treatment occurs, what will you do? We need to start speaking up in love to conquer and heal these wounds.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” -2 Timothy 1:7

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