At WIF AX, we get many requests from Real Estate Projects, Startups and Others. They all of one thing in common. Lack of Clarity. When you reach out to people, know something about them, their mission and their vision. You can then tailor your message to them and get a bigger response.

One thing that we teach in the Accelerator is how to reach out to investors. This can apply to your sales, vendor, and hiring process. Here are some key points:

  1. Create an Avatar. Get a clear vision on the person who the company is targeting.
  2. Create a List of 100 people to reach out to. We use the 100 number as a benchmark. It shows us how much research is a person willing to do. Use Google Sheets or Excel to create and update this list.
  3. Lookup the investors information. 99% have Websites and some social media presence. Find out where they are and what they are talking about.
  4. Narrow the list. If the investors you are targeting to contact do not invest in your stage, type of company, then remove them from the list (or move them to another tab).
  5. Find out how they like to be reached. On my linked-in profile, I have how I like to be contacted and the order in which I respond. I also sent out a link to make an appointment so we can speak. Click it and select a time.

These items will help ease the company’s frustration and not clog up our communication channels.

When you are mindful about how you approach an investor, your response rate may be higher than just sending random In-mails or cold e-mails.

P.S. When an investor asks you for something like a data room, they may want to start something with your company. They may also test you to see if you’re willing to fulfill their request. If not, then think about why you are really doing an outreach.

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