I have confidence in my ideas! My thoughts are fresh, new, and groundbreaking. People are impressed when they hear my unique point of view.

I reject self-doubt about my abilities by protecting my mind from the detrimental effects of comparison. I embrace my distinctiveness as an accolade. I accept myself as an exceptional individual entrusted with unique creativity.

My heart is glad that no one in the world thinks quite like me. I embrace the uniqueness in myself and use it to my advantage. I capitalize on the qualities that make me unlike any other.

My ideas are innovative because I require myself to think outside the box. My creative process is conducive to originality. I set myself up for success by giving myself the freedom to think creatively. The world is my muse!


I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, music, food, and even other people. I am willing to do whatever it takes to create a space for myself where I can reach into the depths of my soul and find something the world needs for me to share.

Being innovative requires me to get out of my comfort zone. I allow myself to endure temporary seasons of discomfort while I birth new ideas. I take risks because always playing it safe stifles my abilities. The risks I take are paying off.

Today, I choose to give myself time and space to come up with brilliant ideas. I overcome the urge to play it safe and, instead, I launch myself forward.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What innovative idea have I had recently?
  2. Why should I require myself to take risks?
  3. How can I think outside the box?
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