Having many jobs and duties is an important part of a normal life. Even though I am only one person, I have several roles that I fulfill in any given day. In each of my roles, my goal is to do the best I can at whatever I am doing.

I approach tasks with a strong, optimistic attitude. I feel confident that I can successfully complete all of my responsibilities. I endeavor to have a cheerful attitude, no matter what the job is that I am about to undertake.

Sometimes, I am required to carry out tasks in life that vex or challenge me. Some of the duties I must complete are tiring. However, regardless of the job I am given or the situation I am required to handle, I work my hardest to accomplish the goals in front of me.

Before beginning a task, I ask myself, "What is the best way to approach this job? How can I achieve the results I desire?" Considering how I can best perform a duty helps me decide on a plan of attack to meet the goal. I aim for excellence in whatever I do.

I believe the adage that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. This statement makes sense to me because I want to do my best to achieve each of my goals.

I give myself recognition each time that I strive to do my best so that I always feel as if my efforts are rewarded.

Today, I commit to putting all my effort into whatever task I am working on.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What prevents me from doing my best?
  2. How do I approach the jobs and tasks that are necessary for me to complete?
  3. Are there specific ways I can reinforce my efforts to do my best, regardless of the situation?
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