Learning is one of my greatest passions - I love to learn.

Learning goes beyond just filling my brain with facts and figures, and it is learning how to think and act smarter.

I like the saying, “knowledge will destroy you.” It is true. Knowledge is power, yet the more I learn, the more I understand how little I know.

I hold a desire within me to learn even more. This desire drives me to seek out sources of information until I have learned everything I need or desire to know.

I work diligently to become aware of the many different ways I learn throughout my life. By doing so, I can identify when my thinking becomes rigid and try another approach.

Each day, I observe the inner workings of my mind and body. I meditation and pursue personal growth through yoga and self-development classes.

I find out how to handle my emotional reactions and what triggers me. I learn to deal with stress effectively and manage my energy. I seek and discover how to apply my knowledge and experience to my daily life.

I continuously develop an educational approach for my life. As long as I keep learning, I can be successful, and my success depends on how diligently I practice and pursue continuous improvement.

Today, I commit to staying informed, studying, and learning. The amount of growth and self-knowledge I can acquire, absorb, and retain is limitless.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel when people discourage me from learning?
  2. How does gaining knowledge help me live a happier life?
  3. Do I believe that there are things I should always continue to study? What?
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