I genuinely believe I am here to have fun. I am here to dance, sing, play, laugh, and love.

I am here to live fully and to share my experiences with others. I am here to be joyful. When I am happy, I am completely alive. When I am sad, I am only half alive. My purpose is to enjoy the process of life.

My days are filled with laughter. I laugh out loud. I laugh from my belly. I laugh from my heart, and I choose to laugh every day.

I learn to laugh at things that before would bother me. The more I laugh, the less I worry. Even on the days when laughter feels far away, I laugh anyway. I think, “What happens if I smile? Do I feel alive?”

If I did die today, would I regret the amount I have laughed? Would I wish that I had laughed more? I live free from regrets because I choose to be aware of the vast reasons why I can celebrate my life.

It’s a beautiful life. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am lucky. I am awesome!

I am full of energy, and my mind is wide open. I am free to explore life, and I know that each day is an adventure.

My focus is on enjoying life. Each day, I am motivated to find ways to have fun.

I am inspired to discover new ways to experience joy. Life is a celebration. I am having serious fun!

Today, I am aware of the joy of simply being alive. I am so excited to wake up each morning.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What comes to mind when I hear the word fun?
  2. Am I experiencing fun today?
  3. How does having fun enrich my life?
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