I know that I am unique.

I have incredible talents and gifts that I can share with the world. I have a wealth of knowledge and unique, wonderful skills.

My voice deserves to be heard, and I celebrate my talents.

I am the only one who can turn my goals and dreams into a reality. I choose the life I live, and by working hard I can make myself happy.

I deserve to share my talents and am grateful I have the freedom to be an individual.

I know I have a unique brain and am valid and important.

I am determined and resilient. I am passionate about everything I create, and I share my ideas with others.

I have a wealth of emotional support around me. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a loving community. I am excited about the creative ideas I am working on and I know everyone around me wants me to succeed.

I inspire others with my creativity, attention to detail, and enthusiasm.

I write my own story. I work hard. I deserve to be successful. Others are interested in my life and the creative pieces I share with the world.

Today, I recognize that I am creative. I have unique and exciting talents to share with the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I being creative and pursuing my passions?
  2. Am I reaching out to others for support, advice, and guidance?
  3. Am I making my dreams into reality?
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