I have a resource I can tap into anytime I feel anxious or sad. Gratitude makes me happier and healthier.

I keep a journal. I list my blessings. I write down my thoughts and feelings. I record daily events and precious memories. I slow down and savor the details. I reread passages that cheer me up and broaden my perspective.

I notice small pleasures. I pay attention to experiences and things that may seem ordinary at first. That includes family and friends that I sometimes take for granted, as well as sunrises, soft blankets, and hot coffee.

I search for silver linings. I recognize how difficult situations often turn out to be beneficial. I see how challenges help me to grow stronger and wiser.

I express my thanks in words and actions.

I tell others how much their kindness means to me. I write them letters. I am specific and enthusiastic.

I show others my gratitude. I smile and hug them. I bake them cookies or take them out to lunch. I return their favors or pay them forward. I let their example inspire me to be more generous and patient.

I think positive. It is easier to be thankful when I cut down on complaining and criticizing.

Today, I cultivate gratitude and appreciation. I am content with what I have. My life is abundant and meaningful. My heart is joyful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I remind myself to be grateful?
  2. What does my faith teach me about being thankful?
  3. How does gratitude make me more resilient?
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