Gratitude helps me to keep a sense of wonder in my life. It keeps me open to possibilities.

When I focus on gratitude, I realize there is so much for which I can be grateful.

Each day I fill myself with gratitude for the many things in my life. I notice the beauty and wonder in everyday living.

I appreciate all of the opportunities available to me. Every person has something beautiful or meaningful to offer. I recognize gifts. I celebrate them.

I give thanks for my health. I thank my Creator for the wonderful health he bestowed upon me. I am grateful for my eyesight and hearing. I am thankful for the opportunity to live in a free country. I appreciate my freedom. I am grateful for the food I eat and drink.

I express gratitude to friends. I express gratitude to my family. I write letters of appreciation to those who deserve it. I express gratitude to the teachers who helped me along the way.

When I say, “Thank you,” I mean it. I am polite when I express gratitude. My actions reflect my appreciation.

I acknowledge my shortcomings. I acknowledge the days that could be better. I look for the good in my life and say, “Thank You!”

Today, I am grateful for every breath. I celebrate my many blessings with joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. For whom am I most grateful today?
  2. How does gratitude affect my relationships?
  3. Have I ever been ungrateful? How can I learn and grow from that experience?
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