The Female VC Lab Podcast's 2023 Journey & Future Preview
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By B Bickham profile image B Bickham
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The Female VC Lab Podcast's 2023 Journey & Future Preview

Dive into The Female VC Lab Podcast's 2023 highlights – top downloads, engaging episodes, and exciting collaborations with Formula 1 and the Milken Conference. Anticipate 2024's prospects. Join us for empowering narratives – listen and subscribe now!

As we look forward to 2024, it's time to reflect on the remarkable journey of The Female VC Lab podcast, a platform dedicated to delving into the stories and insights of female investors. In this year-in-review blog post, we'll dive into the metrics that defined the year, explore the top 5 downloaded and listened-to episodes, highlight the integration of new distribution channels, and discuss two major podcasting opportunities that emerged.

Podcast Downloads

The Female VC Lab continued to carve its niche in the podcasting space in 2023, experiencing a surge in downloads that reflected the growing interest in the journeys and perspectives of female investors. The podcast accumulated an impressive 46,097 downloads throughout the year and interviewed 20 guests, a testament to its impact on listeners seeking a variety of voices in the investment landscape.

Top 5 Downloaded Podcast Episodes

1. E077: Alison Ryu: Able Partners
2. E068: Saaya Nath: Jump Capital
3. E076: Marcus Glover: Lockstep Ventures
4. E078: Claude de Jocas: Volition Capital
5. E081: Joanna Kuang: Illumen Capital

Top 5 Listened-to Podcast Episodes

1. E077: Alison Ryu: Able Partners
2. E068: Saaya Nath: Jump Capital
3. E066: Ashley Aydin: Vamos Ventures
4. E076: Marcus Glover: Lockstep Ventures
5. E073: Olivia Steedman: Teachers' Venture Growth

New Distribution Channels: TikTok & YouTube Shorts

In a bid to engage with audiences in innovative ways, The Female VC Lab expanded its reach by embracing new distribution channels, particularly TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Short-form video content became an exciting addition to the podcast's repertoire, allowing for the creation of visually compelling and shareable snippets.

On TikTok, the podcast shared bite-sized highlights, teaser clips, and impactful quotes from episodes. This approach aimed to capture the attention of a younger demographic and broaden the podcast's reach to audiences more accustomed to short-form, visually engaging content.

Similarly, YouTube Shorts became a canvas for The Female VC Lab to present condensed and visually appealing excerpts from episodes. This strategy leveraged the massive user base of YouTube, enhancing content discoverability and engagement.

Two Major Podcasting Opportunities

  1. Podcasting from Formula 1 with F4P:
    The Female VC Lab capitalized on the opportunity to collaborate with the Formula 1 Podcast (F4P). In several episodes we highlighted investors, artificial intelligence and art in thoes special episodes.
  2. Podcasting at the Milken Conference:
    The Female VC Lab seized the chance to participate in the Milken Conference, an intellectual hub for thought leaders and innovators. Podcast episodes recorded at the conference featured discussions with female investors who were instrumental in shaping conversations on finance, technology, and global affairs.

Upcoming in 2024

New Website
In 2024, The Female VC Lab is set to launch a new website. This platform will serve as a centralized hub for the podcast community, offering an enhanced user experience, easy navigation, and additional features to foster community engagement. The website will provide resources, transcripts, and a forum for listeners to connect and share their experiences.

2 Year Predictions Report
Building on the tradition of forecasting the future, The Female VC Lab will unveil a comprehensive 2-year predictions report. Drawing insights from industry experts, trend analyses, and listener feedback, this report aims to offer a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of venture capital. As the podcast has been delivering predictions for four years, this report will provide a valuable retrospective and a glimpse into the path ahead.

More Powerful Guests
The Female VC Lab is committed to bringing even more female voices as guests to its episodes in 2024.

As we wrap up the year for The Female VC Lab podcast, we want to thank our amazing audience for their constant support. The past year has shown us the importance of diverse voices and perspectives in the venture capital world. As we move into 2024, we invite our listeners to continue with us on this exciting journey of discovery, empowerment, and shared knowledge.

By B Bickham profile image B Bickham
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