As I open my eyes to greet the sun, I feel content, calm and excited. I know that this new day is an incredible chance to improve every aspect of my life.

I see the sun breaking through the clouds in the early dawn, and I feel a sense of pride at watching it rise, knowing that it continues to repeat this pattern every morning, no matter what events have unfolded the day before.

I respect and enjoy the consistent routine of the sun. I know that it remains strong, resilient, and unchanging even in the face of trauma and chaos. I know that I too enjoy these qualities.

I see the sun rise higher in the sky, washing everything it touches with a beautiful golden light. I see it wash away the previous day, or the worries of the night, and offer us all a chance to begin again, afresh and renewed.

I take each new day as a chance to improve my life.

I see that these changes can seem small, but that by taking the small steps, I am making huge strides towards my goals. I appreciate and respect the small steps.

I begin again with each new dawn, and I feel excited, renewed, and cleansed. I am ready for any challenge.

Today, I make the choice to improve my life. I know that I am constantly surrounded by opportunities to upgrade, improve and get better, and I am grateful for these opportunities, and seize them whenever I have a chance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I make the most of my mornings to boost and improve my day?
  2. Do I actively seek out opportunities to change and improve?
  3. Which opportunity am I most grateful for and glad that I took?
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