Be Unforgettable
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Be Unforgettable

How would you like to leave a room and people start talking about you in a way that is not only flattering but where they wished you hadn’t left? That is how to be unforgettable in a positive way. It’s not as difficult as you think, either. It

How would you like to leave a room and people start talking about you in a way that is not only flattering but where they wished you hadn’t left? That is how to be unforgettable in a positive way. It’s not as difficult as you think, either. It does take a bit of practice and maybe even a bit of refocusing on your core beliefs. But, it’s possible, and you should get started now.

Become a Storyteller

If you had the choice between hearing statistical information on a certain subject, or a story that described that same subject in a colorful way, which would you choose?

If you are like most people, you will choose the story. People love to hear stories. We are wired that way. If you have the added skill of being able to tell stories, people will remember you for this.

There are people who have a natural ability to tell stories. It seems like they were born with this skill. Because of this, many people feel as though they cannot pick up this ability. It’s simply not true. It just takes some practice. Seek out books, seminars, etc., on the subject and start getting better at telling stories.

Get Interested in What Others Are InterestedIn

Dale Carnegie wrote the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. He wrote this in 1936, while the Great Depression was still underway. It continues to sell many copies to this day.

In the book, one of the foundations is to become genuinely interested in other people. Ask questions related to their interests. Look for information or other items on their behalf that shows you have taken an interest in them. They will greatly appreciate you for this and will remember you. Do this with enough people, and you will have a huge following in no time.

Think About Others Who Are Unforgettable to You

If you want to learn how to be unforgettable, follow people who already are (or were). Read stories and profiles of famous people who you would like to emulate. While you don’t want to be exactly like them, you want to try to take after what they did, as long as it fits with your personality and you are comfortable repeating their steps. Of course, sometimes it’s better to get outside that comfort zone to grow as a person. When you learn to take the same steps, you can become as unforgettable as they were.

Think Outside the Box

No one gets remembered for doing the same thing that everyone else is doing. When you search for ways that others aren’t, you will stand out among your peers. It may not seem popular when you first set out to do things differently, but if you make it work, this will turn around quickly.

Over time, people will remember you as being innovative and will welcome your ideas as they will see them as possible solutions.

You probably always hear the advice about thinking outside the box, but do you ever hear about how actually to do it?

While there are no rules for thinking outside the box (that’s entirely the point), there are some ways to approach it. When you are confronted with a problem, look at how others have dealt with that problem. Try an alternative approach to see if you can come up with another solution. As an example, a person who was looking for tickets to a concert came up short when trying to obtain them in the Northeast, United States. Instead of giving up, he called up Ticket Master locations in California who were just starting to sell. This person was able to take advantage of the earlier time zone to obtain the desired tickets.

It was a successful technique. This is a good example of how he was thinking outside the box. You can bet this person’s friends found him to be quite memorable when grabbing the tickets. Most people would have accepted that there were no more tickets.

Use Theatrics When Necessary

There is one person in every crowd that seems to gain attention by being a bit overly theatrical. Sometimes, it can be annoying. But, it always gets attention. These people have a tendency to be remembered because they put on a good show. We like a good show.

Even though It’s not easy if your personality is not geared towards it but try it for yourself...

You never know. It could be something they enjoy. You don’t want to be too dramatic, but a little flair can go a long way. The chances of being remembered are greater for people who can hit it off.

Take on a Leadership Role

When you take ownership of something, you will be looked upon as the leader.

When you succeed in what you are doing, people will look up to you and remember that it was you that helped make it happen. While you should rely on a team effort in most cases, when you are the one setting the direction, people will follow your lead. Keep a firm grasp on the situation and learn as much as you can about the team and the tasks at hand.

Good leaders also know how to follow. Sometimes, you will find that you need to let others take on the leadership role even if you are the one accepted to hold that title. People know more than we like to give them credit and they are capable of many skills. By relying on the expertise of others, they will appreciate you and will remember you in the process. Clearly, you are the one responsible in the end, but it’s okay to give up some of your leadership to others.

Prop Up Others

When you recognize others for what they do or who they are, you can bet they will remember you for this. People like to be recognized, and it goes a long way in boosting their confidence. Don’t do this in a manipulative way. Otherwise, they and others will see through this guise. Be genuine in your praise.

How to Increase Your Charisma

Charisma is the act of setting yourself apart from others or being set apart somehow. While many associate charisma as a positive aspect, it can also be used in a negative manner. Many notorious leaders in history are attributed to having charisma.

When used for positive purposes, charisma can help you become unforgettable. Charisma is not good or evil. It’s how it is used that makes the difference. If you are looking to be more charismatic, and intend to use it for good purposes, then you should start by following people who are charismatic themselves. Pay special attention to how they act as well as their mannerisms. Try to be subtle so as not to appear like you are latching onto them.

Also, imagine yourself as if you are charismatic already!

Keep that mental picture going, and it will start to transform you into that person. If you don’t believe this works, try to remember the last time you fell in love with a movie star. Did you fall for the star themselves or did you fall for the character they were playing? It’s likely you fell for the character. In this way, the star took on the traits of someone who you found desirable. You can do the same thing with charisma.

Always Look Presentable

If you appear sloppy, you will be remembered in a negative light. This kind of attention is not necessarily what you want. Whenever you go out in public, whether it is for meetings or even it’s for casual encounters, try to be presentable.

There are situations where it’s okay to dress or look a certain way. For instance, if you are jogging, you are not expected to wear a business suit. People will accept the fact that you are wearing appropriate gear while you are exercising.

When you are hanging out with your friends, you don’t necessarily have to be as presentable, but you don’t want to be sloppy, either. Even among your friends, they will have an opinion about you. You never know when they will be put in the situation of recommending you. They will be less likely to do so if you have a sloppy demeanor.

For most situations, you want to give you best presentation. Keep clean and put on presentable clothing.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

People like to conform because they fear the ramifications of not doing so. But, most people will appreciate others who are unique. They respect people who are willing to stand out from the crowd. Some may find you strange when you do this. But, as long as you keep to who you are, most will recognize your uniqueness and remember you for it.

It’s important that you don’t try to be unique just for the sake of being unique. This will likely come off as being phony and doing something you and others find uncomfortable. There are reasons to think outside the box, but you need to fit it within your own personality.

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