Have you been trying to become more efficient at work? Great news: this simple 4-step guide will show you how to increase your efficiency and have a higher quality of work in everything you do.

1. Use a Journal

Yes, you can write things down in your online calendar, but it turns out that if you use a hand-written journal, you’re more likely to get your work done properly and on time.

Research shows that those who write things down are more likely to remember them than those who type notes into their devices.

2. Work for a Shorter Period of Time 

Many people struggle to commit to 3-4 hours of constant work. For this reason, it can be much more effective to use a 1-hour work timer.

During this one hour, avoid leaving your workstation. Focus on your one task for just an hour.

Once that timer has expired, take a 5-minute break to refresh and regather yourself. Then repeat the process.

You’ll be surprised how much more efficient you become!

3. Ask for Help

One of the biggest downfalls for most people is they lack the ability to ask for help. Sometimes you’re not capable of completing a task properly, or it could be that another person could help expedite your work.

Whenever you can use some help, be confident about asking for it. In most cases, your superiors will appreciate the fact that you value the quality of your work over your own pride.

4. Eat Nutritiously

Good food means better work.

There’s no question that a balanced diet that emphasizes whole foods will help you to become quicker in critical thinking and to stay focused for longer.

If you’ve been struggling to stay focused at work or you’re unsure what steps you can take to move up in your company, try changing over to a healthy diet.

You’ll feel better, enjoy more energy, and have a clearer mind.

Enjoy Your Results

Your boss will be glad that you are making these proactive changes to be more efficient and achieve a higher quality of work. Plus, as your work quality increases, your self-esteem (and maybe your paycheck) will get a nice boost too!

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