9 Ways to be More Likable (and 3 Actionable Tips)
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9 Ways to be More Likable (and 3 Actionable Tips)

This report includes nine powerful tips and three actionable steps you can take right away. It also includes a list of suggested readings for those who are looking for even more information.

9 Top Tips

Don't you hate those people who everyone likes? Actually, you probably don't! Some people have this ability to skate through life, beloved by everyone. They find it easy to make friends and rarely ruffle anyone's feathers. You might want to hate them, but you simply can't. If you would like to learn more about the habits of likable people, keep reading.

  1. They Are Genuine

Likable people are honest. You can't be likable if you are constantly lying, it will catch up to you eventually. Likable people are also genuinely themselves. They don't act like anyone else; they are happy with who they are.

2.    They Give Freely
You don't have to give away everything you own to be likable, but being willing to give without receiving anything in return is a key trait of a likable person. Giving isn't limited to money and gifts though, likable people are also willing to give their time.

3.    They Let Others Shine
It feels good to be recognized for something that you have accomplished. Likable people will allow you to bask in that glory. They are happy to see you get rewarded and don't hold any jealousy about it.

4.    They Ask Thoughtful Questions
It is often said that we should listen two times as much as we speak. Likable people take this a step further. They don't just listen, though; they follow up with thoughtful questions that prove they are actually interested in what you have to say.

5.    They Are Positive
It is much more enjoyable to spend time with positive people. They might not be over the top happy at all times, but likable people tend to think and act positively. They will always find the silver lining when you are feeling down in the dumps.

6.    They Don't Pass Judgement
Likable people tend to be less judgmental than the rest of us. If they do judge someone, they will do it silently. They believe in "live and let live" as long as your actions aren't directly harming them or the people around them.

7.    They Are Humble
There are few things worse than spending time in the company of a braggart. While it is perfectly fine to be proud of your accomplishments, talking about them all the time is a bore. Likable people certainly have accomplishments they are proud of, but they would rather you ask about them first.

8.    They Take Responsibility
No one is perfect; we all make mistakes at one point or another. Likable people are no different; they make mistakes, too - sometimes major ones. The difference is they take responsibility. They acknowledge they did wrong, apologize and then let you know how they plan to make sure it never happens again.

9 .    They Are Patient
Likable people are often more patient than others. They don't mind waiting for you to figure out what you want to do. They don't get irritated or annoyed very quickly. They will let you move at your speed, just happy to be in your company.

3 Fast Action Steps

  1. Look at the list of habits above. Which ones do you think you already possess? Write these down.

  2. Looking at the same list of habits, which ones do you lack? Write these down.

  3. Finally, look at the list of habits you lack. Develop a plan to foster this habit in your life.

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