[00:00] Welcome to Hype Hop. This is your Tech Minute. I am Barbara Bickham. If you go to my website, www.trailyn.com, and sign up for our substack community, you can ask any questions and it will be featured on a future Tech Minute.

[00:30] Today we are going to speak about AR and VR. What is AR? AR (Augmented Reality) is the mapping of the physical world onto the digital world. An example which was about a couple of years ago now of that is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go was a very popular game where you could take your phone and find Pokemon around the city, so that’s an example of AR.

[01:03] What is VR? VR is Virtual Reality. A person usually watches that in a headset and is completely immersed in the experience. It’s mapping of the digital world into your mind. You can watch television in a Vr headset. You can watch movies in a Vr headset. You can watch news in a Vr headset. You can play games in a Vr headset.

[01:37] VR and AR are emerging technologies. We still haven’t seen the fullest implementation and execution of those two and they will be very, very big when the Blockchain comes and there will be more and more ai applied to that. So AR and VR are the perfect compliment to the Blockchain and AI.

[02:03] This is Barbara Bickham, and this is your Tech minute on Hype Hop Radio. I want to thank you so much for listening.

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