OpenSea Confirms Phishing Attack Affecting Multiple Users, Here Are The Facts
by Reynaldo Marquez | Bitcoinist

Almost 12 hours ago, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea confirmed its team was investigating a potential exploit related to its smart contracts. The platform claimed it was attacked by a phishing strategy that apparently “originated outside” of its website.

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Microsoft to remove AltspaceVR social hubs and tighten up safety and moderation
by Filip Martinsson |  Venturebeat

Microsoft acquired AltspaceVR in 2017. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is removing all social hubs hosted in AltspaceVR and requiring users to log into the virtual reality app using a Microsoft account. The changes are designed to improve safety and moderation on AltspaceVR, and Microsoft will also turn its existing safety bubble feature on by default and mute attendees joining meetings in AltspaceVR by default.

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Singapore builds National Quantum-Safe Network to enhance network security for critical infrastructure
By Helen Sydney Adams | Manufacturing Global

Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP) will start conducting nationwide trials of quantum-safe communication technologies that promise robust network security for critical infrastructure and companies handling sensitive data.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Orbiting a Red Dwarf Star

This artist's concept from 2015 shows exoplanet Kepler-1649c orbiting around its host red dwarf star. This exoplanet is in its star's habitable zone (the distance where liquid water could exist on the planet's surface) and is the closest to Earth in size and temperature found to that date in data from the Kepler mission.

The Kepler mission was specifically designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets in or near the habitable zone and determine the fraction of the hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy that might have such planets.

Image Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Daniel RutterLast
Updated: Feb 15, 2022
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