📝  Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future by The Quantum Daily


In a rare show of unity, scientists from top tech giants such as Google, IBM, Intel and startups alike are calling for the quantum technology industry to prioritize addressing global sustainability issues.

A new documentary launching later this month: Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future features leading quantum experts to discuss key sustainability topics while also looks at the challenge of minimizing quantum computing’s own potential environmental impact whilst ensuring the development of applications to address global sustainability issues is prioritized.

The press release below - provides more details on the documentary as well as a list of all the quantum experts and pioneers that are featured.  The trailer has been released and is available here. The world premiere of the documentary will launch on YouTube on July 29.

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📝 How Artificial Intelligence Can Create Real Value for your Business
by Daniel Burrus | Business 2 Community


Whether we ask Amazon’s Alexa to play our favorite song or shout “Hey, Google” before asking the device a question to help our child with their homework, artificial intelligence (A.I.) has been in the spotlight more frequently in the past few years in consumer applications.

In past articles, I have identified the implementation of A.I. as being “helpfully cool”; however, its application in industries of all sorts is exponentially revolutionizing how we both think and work. Coupled with the disruptive nature of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, A.I. is now far beyond the novelty it was originally considered to be.

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📝 China Releases First Carbon Offset on Ant Group Blockchain
by Eliza Gkritsi | CoinDesk


Tianjin released China’s first blockchain-based carbon offset certificate, Binhai Times reported, days after the world’s second-largest economy launched its national carbon market.

  • The city’s emission rights exchange announced the news at a conference on fintech and green finance held on July 15.
  • The offset is built using AntChain, fintech giant Ant Group’s enterprise blockchain platform.
  • Blockchain can make the issuance, trading, and audit of carbon offsets transparent and traceable, according to the report.

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NASA - Best Photo from Last Week

SpaceX Cargo Dragon Departs the Space Station


The SpaceX Cargo Dragon resupply ship departs the International Space Station after it undocked from the Harmony module's space-facing international docking adapter on July 8, 2021. The central portion of the orbiting lab's truss structure and a pair of antennas dominate the right foreground.

Image Credit: NASA
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2021
Editor: Yvette Smith

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