Unbound: No 42 – Art Edition 🎨
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Unbound: No 42 – Art Edition 🎨

DIGITAL ARTIST CREATES DAFT PUNK MUSIC VIDEO BY PROGRAMMING HIS OWN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE [https://edm.com/gear-tech/daft-punk-artificial-intelligence-music-video] by NICK YOPKO | Edm.com [https://edm.com/gear-tech/daft-punk-artificial-intelligence-music-video] After last week’s announcement byDaft Punk [https://edm.com/tag/daft-punk]that legendary electronic music duo havesplit up after 28 years


After last week’s announcement by Daft Punk that legendary electronic music duo have split up after 28 years together, a flurry of tributes have been shared. One digital artist, however, took an appropriately high-tech route in his homage to the fabled French robots.

Award-winning Irish computer artist Glenn Marshall has shared an artificial intelligence-generated music video for Daft Punk’s 2001 single “Voyager.” Without getting too technical, Marshall essentially trained a computer to create visuals inspired by Daft Punk.

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Packaging award-winning shows with award-winning technology by Netflix Technology Blog | Nexflix.com

The Crown, Nexflix.com

In previous blog posts, our colleagues at Netflix have explained how 4K video streams are optimizedhow even legacy video streams are improved and more recently how new audio codecs can provide better aural experiences to our members. In all these cases, prior to being delivered through our content delivery network Open Connect, our award-winning TV shows, movies and documentaries like The Crown need to be packaged to enable crucial features for our members. In this post, we explain these features and how we rely on award-winning standard formats and open source software to enable them.6 min read →

A token sale: Christie’s to auction its first blockchain-backed digital-only artwork by Denise Thwaites | The Conversation

Here’s a copy of Everydays: The First 5000 Days. Without an NFT, it’s not worth much. Beeple

Since May 2007, US-based digital artist Mike Winkelmann (who goes by the name Beeple) has posted a new artwork online every day. He posted the 5,000th one in January, and has now packaged them into an enormous digital collage titled Everydays: The First 5000 Days, which will be auctioned online by Christie’s on February 25.

The work will be sold in purely digital form, as a 21,069 × 21,069-pixel JPEG file and a “non-fungible token” or NFT. NFTs use blockchain technology to give the successful bidder unquestioned ownership of the work.3 min read →

⭐️ NASA – Best Photo from Last Week

Reflections from a Black HoleLast Updated: Feb 25, 2021, Editor:  Yvette Smith

This 2003 composite X-ray (blue and green) and optical (red) image of the active galaxy, NGC 1068, shows gas blowing away in a high-speed wind from the vicinity of a central supermassive black hole. Regions of intense star formation in the inner spiral arms of the galaxy are highlighted by both optical and X-ray emission.

The elongated shape of the gas cloud is thought to be due to the funneling effect of a torus, or doughnut-shaped cloud, of cool gas and dust that surrounds the black hole. The torus, which appears as the elongated white spot in the accompanying 3-color X-ray images, has a mass of about 5 million Suns. Radio observations indicate that the torus extends from within a few light years of the black hole out to about 300 light years.

The X-rays observed from the torus are scattered and reflected X-rays that are probably coming from a hidden disk of hot gas formed as matter swirls very near the black hole. The torus is one source of the gas in the high-speed wind, but the hidden disk may also be involved. X-ray heating of gas further out in the galaxy contributes to the slower, outer parts of the wind.


Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/MIT/UCSB/P.Ogle et al.; Optical: NASA/STScI/A.Capetti et al.

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