Unbound: No 179
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Unbound: No 179

Unbound: No 179 - A collection of articles discussing the Apple Vision Pro, new Gmail rejections, and how banks can innovate while maintaining trust. Stay informed with Trailyn.

Apple Vision Pro: Should you get one?
by Bruno Aziza | Venturebeat

Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash

In this week’s CarCast, Bruno Aziza discusses how to do AI right based on Wells Fargo best practices. He also tries the Apple Vision Pro and shares his pluses/minuses on the device. And, he discusses how companies like CrowdStrike succeed by building with a data-first mindset.

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New Mass Gmail Rejections To Start April 2024, Google Says
by Davey Winder | Forbes

Photo by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

Starting in April, senders of unwanted mass emails to Gmail users will begin to see message rejections increasing unless they abide by new Gmail email sender guidelines, Google warns.

02/14 updates below. This article was originally published on February 11.

New Rules For Sending Mass Email To Gmail Accounts

As an article I published on Forbes on last Tuesday made clear, new rules are coming into place to protect Gmail users from unwanted mass emails. At the time, it was reported that some senders of mass marketing emails had started to receive error messages relating to some messages sent to Gmail accounts. However, a Google spokesperson has told me that those specific errors, 550-5.7.56, were not new but “a product of pre-existing authentication requirements.”

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FIS: How Banks Can Innovate While Staying ‘Boring’
by Louis Thompsett | FinTech Magazine

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

In this in-depth, we speak to Andrew Bateman, Head of Corporates and International Banking at FIS about how banks can innovate while staying ‘boring’

We speak to Andrew Bateman, Head of Corporates and International Banking at FIS, about how banks can perform in an era of innovation while remaining ‘boring’.

Of course, by boring, Bateman means “reassuringly routed in history”; stability has long been a core characterising tenant of what people think of when banks spring to mind.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Hubble Views an Active Star-Forming Galaxy

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features IC 3476, a dwarf galaxy that lies about 54 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Coma Berenices. While this image does not look very dramatic – we might say it looks almost serene – the actual physical events taking place in IC 3476 are highly energetic. In fact, the little galaxy is undergoing a process called ram pressure stripping that is driving unusually high levels of star formation in regions of the galaxy.

The gas and dust that permeates space exerts pressure on a galaxy as it moves. This resistance, called ram pressure, can strip a galaxy of its star-forming gas and dust, reducing or even stopping the creation of new stars. However, ram pressure can also compress gas in other parts of the galaxy, which can boost star formation. This may be happening in IC 3476. The galaxy appears to have absolutely no star formation along its edges, which bear the brunt of the ram pressure stripping, but star formation rates deeper within the galaxy are noticeably above average.

Text credit: European Space Agency (ESA)

Media Contact:

Claire Andreoli
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023
Editor: Andrea Gianopoulos

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