Top 6 Virtual Blockchain Worlds to Explore in 2023
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Since the start of 2023, no part of the crypto world has garnered more attention than the Metaverse. Social media platforms are awash with news and rumors of upcoming Metaverse projects and announcements. Similarly, Metaverse tokens have hit a bull run, recording positive performances last seen in early 2022.

Not to be left behind, companies and popular brands jumped on the trend too. Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, was the first to show real intent when it changed its name to a Metaverse-inspired one. Likewise, companies like Apple and Disney have announced plans to explore opportunities within the Metaverse. So, what is the deal about the Metaverse?

The metaverse can change how we interact and relate to each other. It is a technology that might be of great importance in the future. You may have wondered what the Metaverse is and how you can be a part of it; this article answers that for you. Just make sure you read to the end. Let’s get started!

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Can Google Merge AR and AI?
by Mike Boland | AR Insider

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In all the excitement around generative and conversational AI, Google has gotten lots of grief for missing the party. The common refrain is that these technologies are Google killers. However, there’s just one issue with that take: Google is better positioned than anyone for AI.

Though it rushed and fumbled its Bard launch, Google is sitting on a knowledge graph that it’s been assembling for 20+ years. That data repository is one of the best AI training sets you could ask for. The AI engine that runs on top of it can be built or bought, both of which Google can do.

And it’s already gotten started, given machine learning research and endpoints in Tensor and Transformer. More recently, it launched the AI-powered multisearch. This lets users search with a combination of images (via Google Lens) and text (“show me the same shirt in green”).

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With the year in full swing, we expect to see further innovations to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption; and overall, advance sustainability in the energy industry.

As 2023 continues, we can see that sustainability is becoming a key focus for many organizations, companies and government agencies — particularly within the utilities and energy sectors.

In recent years, the energy industry has seen the emergence of an array of technologies and methods of operation being introduced into all parts of the energy system for improved sustainability — production, transmission, distribution, storage, and maintenance. The goal of each innovation can be tied back to a mutual, industry-wide desire to increase the use of renewable and distributed energy resources (DERs), decrease reliance on fossil fuels for energy, and boost overall energy efficiency. Together, such actions are designed to create a more sustainable future for the energy sector and the world as a whole.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Louisiana’s Rice Fields

This Feb 3, 2023, enhanced-color image from Landsat 9 highlights a green and blue patchwork pattern in flooded rice fields in southwestern Louisiana. Raised levees used for water management form the grid pattern between the fields, which appear dark blue.

As it flowed through several southern states over tens of thousands of years, the Mississippi River left a valuable layer of fertile soil in its wake. This low-lying floodplain and the flat coastal prairies of Louisiana and Texas are now home to most of the rice farms in the United States. In 2021, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas—collectively known as the Rice Belt—produced about 73 percent of all rice in the United States.

Image Credit: NASA

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