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Unbound: No 123

How to buy food with Bitcoin? by IndustryTrends | Analytics Insights Bitcoin is a dynamic monetary asset with the potential of being both — a commodity and a currency. For instance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified BTC as a commodity, whereas El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021.

How to buy food with Bitcoin?
by IndustryTrends | Analytics Insights

Photo by nrd on Unsplash

Bitcoin is a dynamic monetary asset with the potential of being both — a commodity and a currency. For instance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified BTC as a commodity, whereas El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021.

So, does this make BTC a store of value or a medium of exchange? It can do both — On one hand, BTC can be added to treasuries as an inflationary hedge. On the other hand, it could also serve the retail purpose of paying for routine expenses.

Almost over a decade ago, the first person to utilize Bitcoin for a business transaction was Laszlo Hanyecz, who spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas, or as the crypto community addresses it, the Bitcoin pizza. However, that is not the amount of BTC anyone needs to actually buy food in the real world now. Why? Because customers have realized to only pay the amount for which the product is worth, not more or less.

This article will discuss different ways by which one can buy food using Bitcoin. From crypto debit cards and gift cards to crypto food delivery portals, this article will lay down all possible options to efficiently use cryptocurrency for grabbing a meal.

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ARtillery Briefs: Enterprise AR Best Practices
by AR Insider Guest | AR Insider

Though we spend ample time examining consumer-based AR applications and strategies, greater near-term impact is seen today in the enterprise. As is the case with many emerging technologies, enterprise AR spending has erstwhile outweighed its consumer equivalent.

So how big is this opportunity and what are best practices for enterprises to implement AR and realize strong ROI? This is the topic of ARtillery Intelligence’s recent report on enterprise AR case studies. It’s also the focus of the latest ARtillery Briefs episode (video and takeaways below).

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States enter the quantum race

By Chris Teale | GCN.com

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

After the federal government warned agencies to secure their cryptographic systems against quantum computing, there was no ignoring the urgency for the U.S. to invest in the advanced technology. Research has already spread beyond federal agencies and universities with several states and localities positioning themselves as front-runners in the global quantum race.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, may be first out of the gate as it announced the first ever commercial quantum network is now available for businesses, academics and government researchers to use. The city, its municipal utility Electric Power Board (EPB) and other stakeholders rolled out the quantum-as-a-service offering at the inaugural Quantum World Congress this week.

In partnership with quantum network company Qubitekk, the EPB Quantum Network leverages the city’s fiber-optic network. It integrates technologies for distributing qubits, including polarization controllers that maintain qubit quality across the fiber network, high-efficiency superconducting nanowire detectors that measure the qubits’ quantum states and quantum-compatible fiber-optic switches that are critical for routing and reconfiguring that network.

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🌙 NASA - Best Photo from Last Week
Hubble Spies Emission Nebula-Star Cluster Duo

Against a backdrop littered with tiny pinpricks of light glint a few, brighter stars. This whole collection is NGC 1858, an open star cluster in the northwest region of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way that boasts an abundance of star-forming regions. NGC 1858 is estimated to be around 10 million years old.

Open clusters are a type of star cluster with loose gravitational attraction between the stars, which causes the cluster to be irregularly shaped and its stars to be spread out. NGC 1858 is also an emission nebula, which is a cloud of interstellar gas that has been ionized by ultraviolet wavelengths radiating off of nearby stars. The gas of the nebula emits its own light at visible wavelengths, seen here as a faint cloud that populates the middle and bottom right of the image.

The stars within this young cluster are at different phases of their evolution, making it a complex collection. Within NGC 1858, researchers have detected a protostar, a very young, emerging star, indicating that star formation within the cluster may still be active or has stopped very recently. The presence of an emission nebula also suggests that star formation recently occurred here, since the radiation required to ionize the gas of the nebula comes from stars that only live a short time.

NGC 1858 is located about 160,000 light-years away in the constellation Dorado and contains multiple massive stars, which can be seen shining brightly throughout the center of the image. The cluster is located in a crowded area of the sky, and the large number of stars around the cluster makes it difficult to study alone. To survey these distant stars, scientists relied on the Hubble Space Telescope’s unique resolution and sensitivity at visible and infrared wavelengths.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and G. Gilmore (University of Cambridge); Processing: Gladys Kober (NASA/Catholic University of America)

Media Contact:
Claire Andreoli
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2022
Editor: Andrea Gianopoulos

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