Here's my weekly update for Nov 03, 2021...

🗒️ Here are the Mass. companies that raised $500M+ in a single VC round

Photo by Larry Ferreira on Unsplash

Thrasio and Devoted Health are the only two companies from Massachusetts that closed more than $1 billion in a single funding round since at least 2011, according to Seattle-based PitchBook. But several others have announced rounds of at least half that.

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🗒️ Venture Capital Drawn to AI and Data FinTechs

The connected economy is materializing so quickly that existing digital infrastructure is starting to fall behind — especially regarding how data is used to solve business problems.

In a recent conversation with Karen Webster, David Blumberg, founder and managing partner at the VC firm Blumberg Capital, talked about closing the company’s fifth early-stage venture fund of $225 million, and the new breed of global FinTechs it’s going into — chiefly those using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to decode and deploy data in new ways.

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🗒️ VCs using scouts means founders get the short end of the stick

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

VC scout programmes benefit VCs and the scouts, but not founders. Scouts don't have skin in the game and the optics can be damaging.

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🗒️ Rev1 Ventures commits $2.8 million to expand diversity in entrepreneurship


Rev1 Ventures is putting $2.8 million toward programs to help women and people of color who want to commercialize technologies or start businesses.

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