🗒️ Christie’s Is Launching A Venture Fund Targeting Tech Companies With Art Impact

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ArtNews: Christie’s announced Monday that it has launched Christie’s Ventures, an investment fund that will target emerging tech companies whose product could have an impact on the art market. While Christie’s would not disclose the exact amount of the fund, a representative offered a ballpark figure of “several million dollars.”

The auction house was one of the very first art institutions to understand the impact that NFTs could have on the art market and quickly arranged NFT sales that would end up profoundly changing the auction house and the larger art market. Of particular note is the March 2021 sale of digital artist Beeple’s art work Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, which sold for a record breaking $69.3 million.

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🗒️ Looking for an investment from a CVC? Take these 3 tips to the negotiation table

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Techcrunch: As venture capital flows continue to fluctuate, founders have to double down on the terms they agree on. While it can be tempting to overlook certain terms for the sake of closing a deal, founders should remember that nearly everything in a deal is negotiable.

A lot of entrepreneurs tend to focus only on the company’s valuation during talks, but often, other clauses in the contract can be far more impactful. The problem is that founders in the early stages of their business often don’t want to hire lawyers because of the cost involved, so they don’t have the legal knowledge or experience to negotiate the best possible deal.

But when you’re dealing with corporate venture capital (CVC), where firms have seasoned, dedicated legal teams, founders need to enter negotiations with an understanding of the legal dynamics. Doing so will enable them to be creative with their requests and implement more effective terms for both sides.

Drawing from my legal expertise as head of Wayra X, Telefónica’s investment vehicle and conversations with founders at the negotiation table, this is my advice for dealing with CVCs.

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🗒️ How to check for founder-investor alignment before you start fundraising

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TechCrunch: As the flood of pandemic-era venture capital recedes, startups need to avoid the scarcity trap that accompanies the chase for dwindling investor dollars. And as the markets turn, founders should remember the fundamentals they learned during times of plenty.

Investors are pulling back as fears of a recession grow. In the first quarter of 2022, global venture funding declined 19% to $143.9 billion from the previous quarter’s record-breaking peak, according to CB Insights.

Whether you’re looking for angel investors to seed your business or later-stage backers to help you scale, the partners you choose today will affect your company’s future — from how you run your company day to day to your exit strategy. That’s why it’s important to pick investors who are a good fit and have track records that show how they might act when the chips are down.

It’s crucial to understand who your partners are before you let them in the tent. Below, we’ll discuss key factors that startups should consider when evaluating investors in a changing landscape.

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🗒️ Black Thought To Aid Black Entrepreneurs As Venture Capital Firm General Partner

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Vibe: Black Thought is taking his attention to detail on the stage to the ever-changing world of finance. And he plans to aid the Black community in the process.

The Roots frontman announced his new venture on Instagram, revealing he has joined the venture capital firm Impellent Ventures as a general partner. In a move that will help diversify his portfolio, Black Thought’s mission in his newly appointed role is to demystify the world of finances and bridge the gap for Black entrepreneurs.

“Financial literacy and understanding investment are the first steps in creating generational wealth,” The Roots emcee expressed in a post on Instagram. “The space has always been fairly intimidating, difficult to navigate. I intend to change that.”

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