🗒️ Mechanism Capital Co-Founder: ‘$ETH Is Expensive Here on a Fundamentals Basis’

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Cryptoglobe: On Sunday (July 17), Andrew Kang, Co-Founder and Partner at crypto-focused investment firm Mechanism Capital, talked about his fundamental analysis of Ethereum ($ETH).

This is Kang’s bio:

Andrew Kang is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor. He is the Co-Founder of Mechanism Capital which invests in cryptocurrency through prop trading, mining, ventures, and secondary markets. Kang previously worked in portfolio management and venture capital at Digital Capital Management. In 2020, Kang was deeply involved in various DeFi related ventures, he is also very active in providing analysis on DeFi projects through Twitter.

Earlier today, Kang took to Twitter to make a few observations about Ethereum:

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🗒️ Tough Markets Cause Family Offices To Slow VC Investments

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Wealth Briefing: For some time, the fact that family offices are enthusiasts for VC has been an obvious fact but changing economic conditions might change their appetite. We talk to a bank that recently issued a report examining what family offices are up to.

The worsening economic environment and market gyrations have prompted family offices to slow down their venture capital activity but it certainly hasn’t dampened their appetite for the asset class.

A few days ago, Silicon Valley Bank, aka SVB, issued a report scanning the views of more than 100 family offices in North America and other regions.

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🗒️ What its like raising venture funding in 2022’s market crash

Altfi: The global economic turmoil in 2022 has had a serious impact on startups reliant on venture capital funding with investors pulling back from the record-breaking levels of investment seen in 2021.

Nonetheless, many startups continue to buck the bearish trend and are raising money to invest in their growth, demonstrating that investors are still keen to make deals.

Lightyear, a UK-based neobroker, this week raised $25m from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group as well as Lightspeed Ventures to bolster its ambitious plans to grow through international expansion.

Martin Sokk, CEO & co-founder at Lightyear, which launched less than a year ago says the current macroeconomic turmoil didn’t affect the fundraise.

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🗒️ She Built the First Fund by a Woman of Color, for Women of Color. Here's Her Advice to Founders.

Arian Simone. Photo: Courtesy Subject

Inc: The VC world has a problem with women entrepreneurs of color. U.S. startups raised $329.9 billion in venture investments in 2021, nearly doubling the previous record of $166.6 billion in 2020. But Black female founders have received just a sliver of that funding, raising just 0.34 percent of the total venture capital spent in the U.S. so far in 2022.

Arian Simone, 41, aims to change this situation. As the co-founder of the Atlanta-based Fearless Fund -- the first VC fund by women of color, for women of color -- Simone wants to inspire more Millennial entrepreneurial women of color to live their dreams. Having just teamed up with the Tory Burch Foundation to establish the Women of Color Grant Program, Simone wants to show investors that women of color are worth betting on. All the Hats editor Teneshia Carr sat down with Simone to talk about her business journey.

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