🗒️ The basics of decentralized finance


VentureBeat: News headlines mentioning cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and peer-to-peer finance have become common over the last years. Despite this, not everyone understands how they work and the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector can appear intimidating. This limited awareness about the building blocks of DeFi has in turn resulted in many people missing out on the significant returns available in DeFi as they believe it is only about exchanging Bitcoin, Ether, stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.

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🗒️ The 2022 Headstream Accelerator application is recruiting entrepreneurs


Headstream: The Headstream Accelerator application has officially launched and is open to apply now until May 8th.  We are looking for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and Innovators who are building enriching, empowering, supportive, and meaningful digital technologies for young people. Applicable innovations include social tech, ed-tech, and digital health innovations.

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🗒️ Web3 monetization: Decentralizing the blueprint for creator-fan relationships

Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash

VentureBeat: Let’s face it, creator-fan relationships are fragmented. Since the emergence of Web2, fans have grown accustomed to a one-way transactional street of following and consuming, seldom feeling fulfilled by their interactions with high-profile creators. Celebrities have limited and segmented tools for engaging with top fans and managing their personal brand. However, the interpersonal potential of Web3 presents an alternative and solidifies the current dynamic as unidirectional and disengaging.

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🗒️ Crypto startups rewrite the rules of corporate venture capital

Pitchbook:  Crypto tends to distort and intensify everything it touches. The value of art is subjective. The value of an NFT defies explanation. Gaming companies make money off of users. Blockchain gamers make money off of each other. Day trading stocks is risky. Day trading cryptocurrencies is like base jumping in one of those flying squirrel suits. So it should come as no surprise that crypto corporate venture capital arms are upending norms.

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