This week we've got 3 new book summaries for you that you can watch or listen to for the week of  January 29, 2023.

Deep Dive by Rich Horwath

Who does the strategic thinking in your organization? The norm is to assume that senior executives are strategic and lower-level employees are not. But if they are, where do they gain the skills?

Extreme Productivity by Richard Pozen

At some point, we've all asked ourselves "Where can I get more time to do the things I want to do?" The answer, from Robert C. Pozen, is found in his fascinating book Extreme Productivity.

The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon

Surveys suggest that customers place the highest value on salespeople who make them think and who find innovative ways to help their business.

Customers expect salespeople to teach them things that they don’t know, and these are the core skills of Challengers—the new type of salespeople we should employ.

Busy, right? We hope that you enjoy this weeks books. Enjoy with me in the pursuit of creativity and growth.

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