This week we've got 3 new book summaries for you that you can watch or listen to for the week of August 28.

Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone

What if there was a different way to difficult conversations where they actually make your relationships and performance at work stronger?

In this summary you'll learn the 3 hidden conversations we have inside of every conversation, and a 5-step strategy for making the most out of every interaction we have.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry

Whether you are looking to increase your emotional intelligence, or even just looking for the secret to making an additional $29,000 a year (more on that in the summary), this is a topic for you.

Buckle up and get ready to learn the four building blocks of emotional intelligence and how to apply them to your life so you get more of what you want.

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

If you are up to big things in the world, failure is something you'll deal with on a regular basis. But why are we so bad at dealing with the emotions that inevitably come along with it?

That's the issue we'll explore with this summary of Rising Strong. Join us as we explore what to do when we fail, and how to get back up again stronger than ever.

Busy, right? We hope that you enjoy this weeks books. Enjoy with me in the pursuit of creativity and growth.

Thank you for being a fellow Listener or Watcher.

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