Over the past year, we have written and recorded 100s of speeches, blog posts, newsletters and podcasts. 

I know that many of you are stretched for time, so I have compiled the 5 most popular resources, speeches, articles and podcast episodes that have been most popular with my community for you! 

Here they are: Trailyn Venture hall of fame for the year 2020

#5: Investing and Golf: 10 Tips That Apply to Both 

I was on a Zoom meeting and we were talking about something that people didn’t know about you. We discussed golf, since I haven’t played for a while. The folks on the call were in the investment industry. Someone asked, “What’s up with investing and golf?”. So I wrote about it.

#4: The Female VC Lab Podcast

Taking a break last week, the Female VC Lab podcast is about the journeys of Female VCs. There are 9 episodes available. All female VCs looking for Females to invest in. There are 8 more coming, plus the Female VC Lab VIP Experience coming in Feb 2021. The Female VC Lab will post an episode this Thursday.

#3: Emerging Tech Talk for UCLA

Earlier this year I had a discussion with Morvareed Salehpour, Esq. on the implications of the latest Emerging Technologies, including AI, Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) for the University of California, Los Angeles. We explored ramifications in responsibility, liability and more as development and adoption of these emerging technologies continues to grow. If you are an entrepreneur, founder, or business owner working or exploring emerging tech, this discussion is key for you and UCLA has recorded and posted the discussion for those of you who missed it.

#2: The Emerging Tech Lab

We launched a course for investors who want to understand emerging technology. Over the last 13 weeks, we discussed emerging tech and then how to minimize your portfolio risk creating an emerging tech portfolio. It includes a community (not Facebook), and 12 hours of video instruction.


3 Emerging Tech/VC/Fun Articles/Videos, 1 Space Photo and 1 Spotify Song caps off the content from Unbound. Thank you all for reading it, I hear nothing but rave reviews when I speak with people. We’ll migrate Unbound from substack to the Trailyn blog in Q1 2021. Until then, enjoy the substack version. Unbound will be back on January 4th, 2021.

Enjoy yourself! What’s your favorite piece of content from me this year?

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