We all deal with trials and tribulations in our lives. No matter how blessed we feel, situations will arise to challenge that. Often these problems consume us, and we feel like there is no way past them. If you have ever felt like this, then you might need a shift in perspective. The ability to recognize your problems and then properly put them in perspective is key to our happiness and productivity. Anyone can learn how to put things in perspective, and these nine tips are the perfect place to get started.

Think Beyond This Moment
When you are actively dealing with a problem, it will take up a lot of mental real estate.  Things can seem bad at the moment. Try to take some time to think about the future. It can help you put things in perspective when you think about how much any of this will matter in ten years.

Stop and Consider
When dealing with some issues, your feelings can start forcing facts into the background. Take some time to consider what you are going through. Think about how the event will truly affect you. Consider how bad things are. Ask yourself if there are any positives to this situation.

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