There are few greater feelings that seeing myself a little further ahead today than yesterday. It reminds me why I am sacrificing certain things to achieve something else.

Time is one of my greatest teachers. It shows me just how much I am able to make of the hours that I am blessed with.

There is a marked contrast between the achievements of the younger me and the person who I am today. When I see the results of dedication and sacrifice, I am awed by how capable I am when I put my mind to something.

Although I am far from reaching my goal of being free of debt, I am encouraged by where I am today versus two years ago.

I know that the same level of importance placed on minimizing debt so far is what is required to get me to the finish line. My energy is renewed and my discipline with managed spending is strengthened.

I feel the same way about achieving fitness goals. Gone are the days when I feel anxiety by being higher than my target weight.

As long as I practice healthy eating and workout habits, I know that progress is imminent. Instead of belittling myself for missing a target, I celebrate myself for making even the smallest movement towards it.

Today, happiness comes from being further along today than yesterday. I live in complete peace when I am able to propel myself from a life of stagnation to a life of constant movement.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of my greatest accomplishments?
  2. How do I reward myself when I achieve something important?
  3. How do I measure success?
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